The Only Diet Regime That Works

Hello Everyone! Today is the day I finally and officially go back into tracking what I eat and logging in my workouts! Of all the “FAD” diets out there that I’ve tried the past few months, the only definite way to lose weight consistently is the “EAT LESS, and WORK OUT MORE” regime. That is the ONLY true WAY to go! I am going to say good bye to FAD DIETS just like Fitness Fund said they almost ALWAYS NEVER work! Plus it makes you gain more than you lose in the long run. Which really sucks.

So I would like everyone to say hello to the “weight loss apps” I downloaded

Of course everybody knows MYFITNESSPAL right?

MYFitnessPal for ipad

This is the only calorie and workout tracker I use because it is very comprehensive and very easy and it also has the web version which can come in handy if I don’t have my ipad (which I don’t think will ever happen again because I just can’t put my ipad down even for one second).

Here are the other apps I have to compliment my “WEIGHT LOSS

Weight Loss Apps iOS iPad, iPhone, iTouch

If you have any questions about these apps just ask me. I think it will be too boring for me to go through them one at a time. But for you guys who have iOs devices these apps are really helpful! MyFitnessPal is a MUST HAVE! You can do away with everything and just download that. Spark People is also great, but I love the interface and the ease-of-use of MyFitnessPal more.

So Later today (evening) I will my 6 Months To Skinny countdown posts.
Right now I have to get ready for work.

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales


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