Anorexia may be a harmful activity. We do not encourage this activity. Should you feel that you have a problem, feel unhealthy, or need help, please talk to someone that can help you through this”

Kawaii Fitness which used to be under the name THinspirational Journey started as a somewhat unhealthy blog, but now that is not the case. We do not promote eating disorders or self harm. The main topics of this blog are Health and Fitness and healthy weight loss and healthy eating.

What is on this page should not to be construed as giving medical or professional advice in any shape, form or fashion. But we are fixing that because Lara (blogger for THinspirational Journey) will be studying and training to become a Fitness Professional to better help and give spot on advice to all those who seek help.

We are not a PRO-ANA site, but we are not against it either. We do not condone, or condemn here. We are not saying “EVERYONE DO WHAT I’M DOING!”. It is only a place where you can get motivational photos, tips from other people and other stuff that will help you get inspired to lose weight and get fit in the right and healthy way. We want to believe we are beautiful. Crude, distasteful remarks won’t help.


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