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Some beautiful photos of food that is good for your health

Food Flags (Small contest)

I saw this online before and saved it to my harddrive and I just wanted to share this with you all.

Okay here is a game for you guys. Whoever can name all the flags and their food representation will get a special fan sign and be featured on the blog roll (if not yet featured) and a special little something from me to you.

Food Flag 1

Food Flag 2

Food Flag 3

food flag 4

Food Flag 6

food flag 6

food flag 7

Food Flag 8

food Flag 9

food flag 10

food flag 11

Food Flag 12


Food By Color

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I’ve been hooked on food lately so the next few posts will be photos of beautiful food. I hope you will like them. Whoever took these photos and thought of the concepts are AMAZING! And I give full credits to them!

Food 01

Food 02

Food 03

food 04

Food 05

Beautiful Food

UPDATED May 09, 2012

I have been trying to get myself to just say no to all the crappy junk food and when I stumbled into these beautiful photos of healthy food. I was so inspired so I am currently planning my gorceries and healthy meals. So I hope they inspire you too.

This is my dream fridge…. 0.0