8 Weeks Out Till CosMania

Hello everyone! I have been somewhat inspired by my progress the last 68 days and since that is over it is time to proceed to new waters and continue improving some more. (read about it here

So in addition to my training at the gym, I am going to revisit one of my old challenges I made (last year) It is the SQUAT TILL YOU DROP CHALLENGE . Why?Mainly because I just want to be able to be more active at home and not just sit on my butt the whole time. 

So this challenge lasts 30 days and I will do my best to update again as often as I can or as often as my schedule permits it. 

Squat till you drop challnege Day 1


Q1: Take a before photo: 


Yes this is me now (after like a week of not eating clean hahahaha) the bloat is so prominent and though I have lost like 11lbs in 68 days, its still not enough of course. 

Anyway Im thankful to all the people who has been supporting me, most specially Jade from Jadeonadiet and also my friends at the gym and my trainer who is really really patient with me. 

NOw marks the 2nd part of my 3 part journey. 

8 weeks out till CosMania. I can do this!


Breakfast: 2 eggs and 1 chicken strip

Lunch: punching bag

DInner: Egg drop soup, Chicken pastel and 1/4 cup rice. 

Snack: Left over spicy seafood ramen

Workout: (2 hours)

Muay Thai 1.5 hours
Squat till you drop challenge Day 1 30 mins. 

1 thought on “8 Weeks Out Till CosMania

  1. celicaxx

    Why do (mostly) girls do the whole squat challenge thing? Like I don’t see the point of doing air squats. What exactly would they do? Don’t people just air squat when they need to pick up something off the floor (actually a lot of people I know cannot squat to pick up something at all and only do like a stiffish legged rounded back deadlift when picking up anything off the floor.) I just don’t see why people bother. I figure either do barbell squats or don’t bother. If you need bodyweight leg stimulation you’re better off doing jumping or sprinting, I think. I guess you could replace air squats with overhead squats with a broomstick or whatever, so you learn flexibility and balance and it’s at least kind of a challenge.

    But yeah, just I hear my sister talking about her friend’s squat challenges or whatever and I don’t really understand.



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