After 2 Months of Being Inactive

I LIVE!!!!!

It has been FOREVER since the last post I made on this blog! And I have to say things have gotten pretty crazy as of late. But not to worry I am back with more Kawaii Fitness stuff. But before that here is a quick recap of what happened while I was away. KHRAFTEESI. As you may or may not know, I opened a shop back in March 2014 called Khrafteesi. It is an accessory shop that is focused on Kawaii (cute) and Otaku/geeky merchandise, and as part of my endeavors, I decided to exhibit them over at a major cosplay event in manila called COSMANIA14. So I was very much preoccupied with that as well as prepping my cosplays.

I don’t want to bore you with those details since this is a “fitness” blog of sorts. So lets tackle fitness. I stopped going to the gym for almost more than 2 months now due to my busy schedule and I have pigged out a lot so i’m sad to say that I have gone back up a few pounds. I’m back to 133-134 lbs so that is a bit of a bummer but it was expected. But since the busy schedules are over and sem break is right around the corner, it is TIME to get back to fitness! I couldn’t be more excited! I miss the gym, I miss the sore. I miss eating healthy. I miss it all. Hopefully I will be able to bring more of the kawaii side of fitness more now. I have been trying to gather up some personal materials for you to make working out and staying healthy fun, easy, and cute. Anyway so expect new posts from me soon. If you do have some comments or suggestions please do leave them in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “After 2 Months of Being Inactive

  1. celicaxx

    Going with kawaii, I think for kawaii fitness kawaii diet is most important. By this I mean, I’ve found personally the best thing to do is eat low fat traditional Asian food. I think low fat is the easiest way to control calories as it’s somewhat impossible to physically eat a lot of complex carbs. Like, 2000 calories of rice is 10 cups. That’s like 10 bigger onigiri. So for me lately, I’ve been eating lots of cheap Chinese noodles with a little bit of sauce and that’s it, as it’s fast and cheap. Each block of noodles is only 200 calories and no fat (or maybe 1g) then the sauce adds a little fat, like 5g or something, but nothing substantial. If you need protein, you can add a grilled fish fillet on top, or some tofu lightly fried in a tiny bit of oil (like one teaspoon) and it’s pretty good. That and really taking advantage of electronic rice cookers, too, very convenient, too, you wake up to rice.

    As far as I understand it, though, traditional Philippino food is fairly oily, though, right? Usually fried? Lots of pork, too (fattiest of all meats) and then that plus junk food like Oreos (100 calories per cookie approx?) equals kind of a disaster for a diet. Philippinos are usually leaner than Americans, but they’re not like Koreans or Japanese, so I’d say overall the Japanese and Korean diets should be emulated. And they happen to be most kawaii. I guess.

    At least this is how it works for me. When I started working I stopped tracking macros in myfitnesspal and just ate gobs of rice, beans, and pasta with very little oil and lost weight. It’s much simpler to do this, imo. Even from a cost perspective it’s cheaper to eat “healthy” like this, as even going to McDonalds and getting 3 dollar menu things, it’ll run you $3. Rice and beans you get enough food for the whole day for under a dollar.


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