30 Day Pilates (Blogilates) Workout Challenge

30 Day Pilates (Blogilates) Workout Challenge

Hi and welcome to the 30 Day Pilates (Blogilates) Challenge! Before anything I just want to say I do not own the workouts I posted here. The only thing I can proabably take ownership is the 30 Day questions. But the workouts are all by the beautiful and oh so motivational and inspirational Cassey Ho of Blogilates! So I hope you enjoy!

Click on the images to ENLARGE so you can see it. 😛

1. Torso Twist: Targets the obliques. Balance on your tailbone with back tall, knees bent, and ankles crossed. Now hold your hands together and bring your elbows wide. Inhale and try to touch your right elbow to the mat. Exhale and lift back towards center. Inhale and take your left elbow down to the mat. Exhale to center. Modification: Keep your heels down. Try 20 of these!

2. Cork Screw: Targets the lower abdominals. Rest on your elbows and tailbone with legs extended and heels pressed against each other, toes pointed. Make sure to keep your chest open with your shoulders back and away from your ears. Now imagine that there’s a clock in front of you. Keeping your legs straight, take your feet from 12 to 3 to 9 then back to 12 to complete 1 circle. Then reverse and go counter clockwise. Breathing: Inhale as your lower and exhale as you lift. Modification: Keep knees bent at a 90 degree angle as your circle the “clock”. Try 12 of these, alternating between clockwise and counter clockwise motions.

3. Criss-Cross: Targets the transverse abdominals. Lie on your back and place your hands on the nape of you neck behind your head. Keep your elbows wide! Now lift your shoulders off the mat so that your upper abs are engaged. Bring your left knee into your body as you lift your right shoulder towards that knee. Hold for 2 seconds, then switch! Breathing: Exhale as you reach and hold and inhale to switch. Try 20 of these.

4. Side Plank: Targets the obliques. Come onto your side and place your palm right underneath your shoulder with legs extended along the edge of your mat. As you come into your side plank, try to actively push your hips upwards to really engage the obliques. Hold for about 30 seconds! Then switch sides. Modification: Go onto you elbow and knee.

5. Teaser: Focuses on your total core strength. Begin lying on your back with arms extended behind you and legs elongated in front of you. Take a big inhale through your nose and on the exhale, squeeze your abs and lift up into a “V”. If this is difficult, don’t be discouraged! Simply go as high as you can and bend the knees if you need to. You’ll get stronger with time and practice. Try to holder your teaser for about 20 seconds.

Great job! Now repeat this whole sequence 3 more times.

Single Leg Front Raise: Targets – Quads: Sit tall with your hands behind you. Squeezing core, simply pulse one leg up with toes pointed. DONT TOUCH THE FLOOR! Do 30 on each leg

Hamstring Kick Back: Targets – hamstrings: Keep your knees hinged, toes pointed, hips and chest square to the mat. Extend legs slowly as if pushing through water. Do 20 on each leg

Diamond Kick: Targets – Butt and Thighs: Try to maintain stability as you bring your leg in an out. Do not rock your core. Keep your booty up. Do 20 each.

Hot Potato: Targets – Inner and outer thighs: Begin Lying on your side, tap toes 2x infront and quickly shoot it up to the ceiling. Bring the same leg down behind you and tap 2x. That counts as 1. Do 20 Each Leg.

Repeat all of this 3x.

1. Tricep Dip in Reverse Plank x20: Get up onto your palms and heels and lift your butt off the mat, hips in line, pelvis up. Bend your elbows back as you touch your booty to the floor. Then straighten out again. MODIFICATION: Bring your heels closer to the body and bend your knees like you’re a coffee table.

2. Chest Press Pulses x30 : Keeping your elbows together, simply pulse up! You will soooooooo feel this one in your chest without even try! One of my favorite moves in the world.

3. Pushup x10 : You can do this on your knees or toes. Make sure you keep your eyes forward. DO NOT look underneath you!

4. Cobra Pushup x10: Begin in plank. Pretend there is a limbo pole right in front of you head. Slither your head underneath it…followed by your back, your butt, and your legs before you gull push up. MODIFICATION: Make the limbo stick higher 🙂 If you’re having trouble, see my video on Advanced Pushup Variations.

5. Inverse Shoulder Press (Pushup) x10: Get into downward dog. Then scoot your hands closer to your legs. Look back at the toes. Now do a pushup and touch the top of your head to the mat. See demonstration video here. MODIFICATION: Don’t bring your hands so close to your feet.

6. One-Legged Cobra Pushup x10: Same as cobra pushup but one leg up! Do 10 on each side.

1. Tricep Dip ‘n Kick: Targets: Triceps, legs A. Begin with your fingertips facing forward with your butt raised. Lift your right leg off the floor, keeping it parallel to the ground. B. Kick right leg straight up as you bend your elbows back. Then return to starting position. Try 10 with the right leg and 10 with the left!

Modification: Do not kick! Keep both feet on the ground as you perform just the tricep dip part of the move.

2. Bridge Pulse: Targets: Butt, quadriceps: Lie down on your back and raise yourself into a bridge position with feet side by side. Keeping your butt up, raise your right leg towards the ceiling. As the leg stays extended, lower your butt halfway to the floor and pulse right back up. Try 20 quick pulses on the right and 20 on the left!

Modification: Perform this move in a regular bridge with both legs hip width apart, feet on the floor.

3. Ballerina Twist: Targets: Obliques: A. Begin in a side plank with hand directly under your shoulder and legs full extended. Raise your right arm up and elongate your fingers like a ballerina. B. Pretend you a “threading a needle” and bring your right hand through the “eye of the needle” underneath your oblique as you raise you pike your hips up. Return to side plank. Try twisting 10 times on the right and 10 times on the left!

Modification: If your shoulder or wrist hurts, try this move on your elbow. You can also modify by doing the side plank on your knees instead of your toes.

4. Inverted Shoulder Press: Targets: Shoulders: Start in plank and walk your hands towards your feet until you can’t come any closer without bending your knees. Look at your feet. Now do a pushup. Try 12 pushups.

Modification: The farther out your hands are from you feet, the easier.

5. Butt Ups: Targets: Core strength: A. Begin in plank on the elbows, keeping your tailbone tucked and your belly button sucked in towards your spine. Make sure your back is flat! B. Then, using your core, pull your abs up and your pike your butt up into the air. Hold, then release back into plank.Try 12 butt ups.

Modification: Do the plank on your knees instead, and for the pike simple press your butt back instead of up similar to a Child’s Pose.

6. Runaway Abs: Targets: Abs Keeping your belly button sucked into your spine and your low back pressed into the floor, extend your arms long behind you head and your legs long and pointed in front of you. Your shoulders should be off the mat. Now begin “running” – your feet should flutter up and down quickly. Try 20 flutters.

Modification: Keep your knees slightly bent with your head down, hands underneath your tailbone for low back support.

Follow along on YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FbDOoOO2cY

And here are the Daily Questions you answer daily!!

  1. Do you know BLOGILATES? if yes which workout video is your favourite? if no go visit her site at www.blogilates.com
  2. Post your Stats (height, weight, waist) and a photo (for before and after)
  3. When did you start attempting to lose weight and why?
  4. What is your Ultimate Goal Weight?
  5. Would you prefer to be model waifish skinny? or to be like Victoria Secret models who are fit? why?
  6. Pelvic bones or abs? why?
  7. How did you learn about Pilates?
  8. What is your favourite Pilates move?
  9. What is the easiest move in Pilates for you?
  10. Which Pilates move do you think is hardest for you?
  11. Which Pilates move would like to be able to do in the future?
  12. Do you do yoga?
  13. How long can you hold your planks?
  14. What is your favourite Pilates move that targest the waist line?
  15. Which part of your body do you think is the strongest and does not need SO much work to improve on?
  16. Which part of your body do you think is the weakest and that you need to really train and ocus on?
  17. Do you like her videos?
  18. Which is your favourite Blogilates POP PILATES move?
  19. Have you tried any of her H.I.T.T. workouts? Which one is your favourite? Why?
  20. Have you tried her POP CARDIO workouts? Which one is your favourite? Why?
  21. Have you done any of her Workout Challenges? Which one is your favourite? why?
  22. What is your favourite Pre workout food? why?
  23. What is your favourite Post Workout food? Why?
  24. Do you think Pilates will help you lose weight? Why or Why not?
  25. Do you feel slightly stronger now that you’ve done Pilates for more than two weeks?
  26. What other workouts do you do?
  27. Share you typical meal in a day?
  28. Will you share this challenge to our friends and family or to your blog/s?
  29. DO you think Pilates can be addictive?
  30. Post your new stats. An After photo. And show off your new abs and arms. (they’re still baby muscles but at least you started it. :P

note: I made this challenge because I wanted to do something different and I love Cassey Ho’s workout and I love her printable and I wanted to make an easy (coming back to fitness) challenge. I do not own the workouts that are posted on this challenge. I merely just complied them together to make this 30 day challenge thing. So please don’t be mad and don’t think Im stealing anything. Because I left all credits and placed more credits to whom credits are due.

So thank you Cassey for serving as my constant Motivation and Inspiration.

Lara Krystle Novales
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy & Beautiful
Weight Loss and Fitness Blogger

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    1. Lara Neko-Chan Post author

      Hey Nikol,

      Well it’s cassey Ho’s workouts that I complied to make my own 30 day pilates challenge. and by far it really works in toning and getting our muscles stronger. 😛


  11. virginiamay

    I’m a little sad there isn’t a detailed description for Thursday like there is for the other days. All of this sounds good and I look forward to giving it a shot!


    1. Lara Neko-Chan Post author

      I hope everything is going well for you with this Challenge. Sorry about the THURSDAY post. I swore I had written something down in the past but I have had trouble in getting this post up in the past so maybe I accidentally deleted it. But it should be easy though.


      Stay Strong and Stay Fit!


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    I am grateful, Francesco


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