Stats and Goals

I am no longer Basing my Goals on my weight because this triggers my E.D. so instead I will base it off my strength and Body Fat percentage.

RED – indicates that I’m not in the ideal measurement yet. GREEN – means I’m in the healthy zone

12/5/13 – 5/5/14 – 6/16/14 – 7/25/14

Weight:                         60.2kg -> 62.1Kg -> 62.5kg -> 59kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 21.1kg -> 24.1 kg -> 20.5kg -> 20.9kg
Body Fat Mass:            21.4kg -> 18kg -> 24.6kg -> 21.3
Total Body Water:       28.4kg -> 32.3kg -> 27.8kg -> 28.2kg
Fat Free Mass:             38.8kg -> 44.1kg -> 37.9kg ->38.6kg
Protein:                        7.6kg -> 8.6kg -> 7.4kg ->7.6kg
Mineral:                        2.75kg -> 3.15 kg ->2.73kg ->2.78kg

BMI:                               26.1 -> 24.3 ->27.1 -> 25.9
Body Fat Percentage:  35.5 -> 29.0 -> 39.3 -> 35.6
Waist-Hip Ratio :          0.90 -> 0.87 ->0.85 -> 0.87
BMR:                             1209 -> 1322 -> 1189 -> 1203


24 thoughts on “Stats and Goals

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  3. Alyssa

    Congrats on meeting your first goal. Lucky you, I’m jealous. Now I can try and have my own competition (in my head) with your weight. I slip up especially on Monday’s probably because I get home from school feeling all bored and depressed, but I need to try harder. YOU ARE MY THINSPIRATION! I can do it! All of us who are trying to lose weight can do it!


    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      Hi Alyssa!
      Thanks so much! I found that having things that motivate me be within arms reach of me is always helpful.
      I recently just placed a small bulletin board right beside my bed with my Reasons to be skinny quotes and what not pinned on it so when I wake up in the morning its the very first thing I see.
      And I also have a dead line for losing a huge amount of weight which is June 11th. As you can see that on my blog countdown widget.
      I can’t say why June 11th is the chosen date… but when I succeed in going at least a little below 125lbs by that date. I will post it on my blog and yeah. ^-^ for now its a SECRET.

      I know you can do it too Alyssa! And thank you so much for the compliment. Having someone say that I am their Thinspiration is really encouraging and even more motivating. making me want to strive even harder at this so i can lend a huge helping hand to all my fellow Thinspirers

      Thanks again Alyssa, I hope you have a blog I can follow soon. 😛

      choose WordPress (wink) hehehe


      Lara Krystle Lane


  4. Moving on and letting go.

    How tall are you? Also wanted you to know that even though I don’t subscribe, I follow your extreme crash diet everyday and think it’s a really good initiativ! 🙂


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  8. Cara Drayer

    I am starting the 21 day healthy skinny girl diet challenge tomorrow. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it! Especially with all of the work travel and holidays coming up. Eek. I need to look good for a holiday party 1 month away. 21 days….here’s hoping i can make it to my UGW!


  9. Adan

    Precisely how much time did it acquire u to publish “Stats and Goals | Thinspirational Journey”?
    It has got a large amount of wonderful tips. With thanks ,Arthur


  10. Carlota

    “Stats and Goals | Thinspirational Journey” was in
    fact a extremely great blog, . Continue writing and
    I’ll keep on following! Many thanks ,Taylor


  11. Yvonne

    I personally intend to save this blog post, “Stats and Goals
    | Thinspirational Journey” on my very own webpage. Would you care in
    case I reallydo? Thanks -Thelma


  12. Allen

    “Stats and Goals | Thinspirational Journey” was a terrific article and thus I
    personally ended up being very happy to read it. Many thanks-Lizzie


  13. Hubert

    I wish to take note of this blog, “Stats and Goals | Thinspirational
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  14. chiqui rose

    wow!finally i was able to access and read the complete info in your blog,Lara-chan!

    had some freakin injury and need time to recover up til 1st wk of september so i was not able to start yet the 21 day challenge you invited me to have…need to take carbs bec the medicines were high dosage..XO

    im doing my best to follow the challege even im–waaaayyy—toooo-laaaatteee when you invited me….

    im just curious though,how to do the counting of calories?im sorry,im not sure about it…


    by: Kaizer Chx


    1. Lara Neko-Chan Post author

      Heya chx!

      Its all good. Its never too late to start. Diba nga, better late than never.

      counting calories? well its all about looking at the label. Tapos if wala siyang label like fresh veggies and fruits you can go to and they have a very good calorie counter there with a great big database for different types of food. 🙂

      Lara Novales


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