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Day 49 |Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

Kawaii Fitness Photo of the day:


Well hello there Kawaii Fitsters! Lara here again with another blog post. So I bought a weighing scale for my birthday… and ever since I have been obsessed with it (sad to say). I have had a very bad relationship with it in the past. It was a great factor in my previous disordered eating a few years ago (which I have gotten over), now it is there to test me and my strength. 

I know a lot of you out there are being controlled by what is written on that scale, but remember IT IS JUST A NUMBER.  I have to keep reminding myself that as well. Since I weight lift, I am much heavier but  my dress size shrinks. Sometimes I still freak out at the higher number on it but I have to remind myself that muscles weigh more than fat. 

Check out these photos for reference. 

As you can see, though their after photos says bigger on the scale, but their bodies are much more lean and toned. HOORAH for muscles. So this serves as a reminder for me and for everyone else, that numbers on the scale aren’t everything. You’ll be surprised to see that though you are “heavier” (says scale-sama) you look better because of muscle growth and tone. 🙂 

Before I end this post. here is a photo of my lunch in university (yes I have packed lunch just so that I have some semblance of control over my food. And then here is a horrid photo (selfie) of me being all “STAY AWAY FROM ME BECAUSE I AM EATING LUNCH WHILE DOING MY ECON HOMEWORK” heeheehee. 

There you have it. how about you? Are you going to let the scale control your life? 

Lara Novales
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Motivation Monday

SO I was going through we heart it and I saw some of these beautiful motivational posters and images that I would like to share with you.


Sometimes I really just need that extra boost of motivation in forms of fit girls and inspirational quotes. 🙂

These images do not belong to me. I just found them on weHeartIt. if you are the owner of these images and wish for it to be off site feel free to email me at thinspirationaljourney[at]gmail[dot]com. 

Lara Krystle Novales

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Girl Loses Weight To Cosplay

As you all may know. I cosplay, but Im not really a good cosplayer. Having this body of mine prevents me from doing some of the characters I wish to portray. But I found this article online which really motivates me a lot and I hope it motivates and give hope and inspiration to my fellow Cosplayers who wants to lose some weight.

MEET Rolan Ajo from Taiwan.


She is just like us. A girl who loves anime and is an otaku and loves to cosplay. About a couple of years ago. She weighed over 150lbg (70kg) when she first started to cosplay, but because of her figure she hated what she saw in the mirror and decided it was time to lose weight.

photos after the “more” link.

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WOD Nation x NAVY SEALS | Row Row Row With Perseverance

Welcome to Part II of the WOD Nation x NAVY SEALS Crossfit throwdown!

So we left of the last post right before the first challenge of the day started. So What was it anyway?

Wod Nation x Navy Seals

If that photo is not clue enough for you then here is a description and other photos for that matter.

The first WOD was dubbed, “RUBBER DUCK” where teams of 5 had to paddle these rubber boats for 1000m total, competing for time. I had the privilege of riding one of the motored boat along with the rest of the media to watch the teams work together to reach their goal distance and back. Some were really impressive and made it in no time working together as a unit. Their rhythm was effective and their strength was without a doubt mind-blowing. Other teams struggled but never gave up. One team even dove into the ocean and tried to help by swimming their boat. (I would never have the guts nor the strength to do that.) The current in the bay was very strong according to one of the Navy that was with us on the boat but the participants still persevered and conquered. And most of these people have never had any experience in rowing AT ALL. So big big kudos to all of them.

WOD Nation x Navy Seals WOD 1 - Rubber Duck - Starting point

WOD Nation x Navy seals WOD 1 - Rubber Duck - Crossfit

WOD Nation x Navy Seals WOD 1 Rubber Duck half way goal distance

I remembered when I was younger and my mother was participating in Dragon Boat Rowing in Manila Bay, and she told me that how they really had to work hard as a team to maintain a steady rhythm to be able to accelerate through the waters and currents of the ocean. She also told me that it was a full body workout,  you don’t just use your arms, but your thighs, and most specially your core. Dragon boats are smaller compared to these rubber ones they used during the WOD So I can only imagine the difficulty of the maneuverability of these boats.

WOD Nation x Navy Seals

I was inspired by all the participants during this event that I turned some of the photos I took into motivational posters. I would like to share them with you.

Fitness Motivational Quote

Motivational Quote

Perhaps I should try my hands on Dragon Boat Rowing sometime because I doubt I can go to the base just to row *laughs*. I would like to experience this kind of team sport. Demanding yet fulfilling.

Well this concludes the WOD 1. I wasn’t able to watch the other teams compete during the WOD 1 because I followed the first batch to WOD II. Which I will post on Friday. So Stay tuned!

Be sure to check out the facebook pages of the people who showed strength and courage during this crossfit throwdown Here are their links:

WOD Nation
CrossFit Mad Minute
FnB Box
CrossFit Inssurecto
Seal Team Fitness – NAVSOG Box




Lara Krystle Novales

Fitness Models to Inspire Us

 Fitspo inversted sit up from a monkey bar

Fitness model, Fitspo

Tan Fitspo with perky boobs

Fitspo Boxing

Lean and toned legs

Lean model fitspo model


Fitness model


There are some days when I like to look at photos of fit girls to encourage me that that is where I want to be and that is what I am trying to achieve. So those are some of the Photos I looked at today. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Lara Krystle Novales

Motivation | Fitspo | Inspiration

Okay I am in dire need of some beautiful Fitspirations and Motivation. So here are some I liked and I want to share with you


Fitness Motivation | Lunch Craze

Fitness Motivation | Lunch Craze

Hey everyone! Today I just want to post some motivational photos I found on tumblr to get all of us going. Its 2013 and we need to really keep our spirits up and tackle this new year head on and strive for our fitness goals! Who is with me?

Thinspirational Journey, Fitspo blog

Fitspo Gif, Thinspirational Journey, Never forget wht you're doing this

Fitness Motivation, Fitspo, Thinspirational Journey

Fitness Motivation, Fitspo, Thinspirational Journey

Fitspo Motivation, Thinspirational Journey

Just 5 motivational photos. I really have to thanks the fitspo and inspirational community over the web for making all these beautiful images that help inspire us to do better and achieve our goals may it be fitness or other things.

Food Log:

1/2 serving of Mushroom onion Scrambled eggs – 109 Calories

3 Chinese sesame bread with fried eggs – 712 Calories

1 serving of Parmasan Omelet – 162 Calories

Calories: 983/1220
Carbs 42 / 168
Fats: 71 / 41
Protien: 46 / 46

So my lunch intake was a little CRAZZZYYYYYY. But I still went under my target caloric intake which makes me happy. 😛 Although I still over shot the FAT section there. Oh well will still try to do better next time!

Do you have a MYFITNESSPAL account?
This is mine: