Who wants to do a 30 Day Challenge with me?

Hey everyone! Well I wanted to know who would be instered in doing Thinspirational Journey’s NEW 30 Day Pilates (blogilates) Workout Challenge with me?

I just finished making the challenge and I just posted it. CLICK HERE!! And I want to start on it as soon as possible. But I wanted to ask any of you guys/girls if you wanted to do it with me? It will be fun **SMILES** I am so ready to start getting back on track and that is the reason why I made this challenge (using Cassey’s workouts).

Any takers?

Lara Krystle Lane
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy, & Beautiful
Weight Loss and Fitness Blogger


6 thoughts on “Who wants to do a 30 Day Challenge with me?

    1. Lara Krystle Novales Post author

      Hey Macariabradley!

      SWEEET! Awesome! Lets do this! my younger sister is also going to do this with me! And Im super stoked! The more the merrier! I can’t wait! Looking forward to your posts! send me your link to your challenge posts (leave it here as a comment) so I can read your posts. 🙂 squeeeee




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