My First Day Experience in Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center in Manila

Day 1 at Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center

When I found out that I was going to the Philippines I was already thinking that my workout challenges will be disrupted and what not. Then I remembered that I had an invitation to work out at the Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center in Manila! So I scrolled furiously through the contents of the Thinspirational Journey email and I found the invitation and I asked if it was still open. To my utter delight they said YES! So through out my trip I had been looking forward to going to the Gym in the Philippines for the very first time and meeting wonderful people who has a passion for fitness and health. 

So finally today I put on lose clothing and rubber shoes and headed towards Mabini Street, Manila to the Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center. 

I met the trainer who will be helping me on the proper workouts and usage of equipment. His name is Coach Vic. He was very very nice and super helpful! He gave me tons of advice as well as a lot of information and stories about fitness and about Eclipse as well! I really enjoyed having him help me with working out! So without further ado here are the photos I took and was taken during my first day at Eclipse.

Lara Novales Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Philippines

We started out with a 15 minute cardio in this elliptical machine.
It was really gentle on my knees but I still finished with sweat dripping down my forhead and back.
You see I despise treadmills because they hurt my knees which have been injured whilst skateboarding in the past (yes I used to skateboard). So this Elliptical machine still gives you the full benefits of a great cardio but at the same time offer little to no strain for the knees!

Lara Novales Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center MabiniLara Novales Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Mabini

After the Cardio I was introduced to my first workout: SQUATS (with weights).
When he first told me that I was going to carry 45lbs I was a little panicked because I have never lifted anything like that in my LIFE! (of course I knew nothing about weight lifting and the body’s capabilities are so that is why I was a bit worried.) I trusted Coach Vic of course and he ran me through the proper posture and breathing. And with his help I was able to actually do it! And he also increased the weight to 50lbs.
I know for some of you this is a small number but considering this is my first time I feel rather proud of myself!
Lara Novales Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Mabini

After the Squats Coach Vic introduced me to the HIGH PULLS or I think it can also be called UPRIGHT ROWS.
The weights given to me are much lighter (but it was still heavy for me) 16-20lbs and we did 5 sets of 5 reps each.
Coach Vic really motivated me and his pleasing personality makes me feel like I can do whatever it is he would ask me to.
He said that he really likes to bring out the best in people’s fitness and he loves and Aces at the Weight Loss area as well which is PERFECT!

Lara Novales Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center

After the Upright Rows he introduced me to the PUSH PRESS – A push press is a weight training exercise for the anterior head of the deltoid (shoulder) – wikipedia.
my weights were 14-20 lbs 5 sets of 5 reps.
Coach Vic has been with Eclipse for about 6 years now so I’m honored to have him help me with my workouts.
Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Mabini

The weights I used for HIGH PULLS and PUSH PRESS.
See that Giant Wheel? Coach said that it would be awesome if i can flip that wheel someday. Do you think I can? How long and how much training would I need to be able to achieve such feat?

Lara Novales Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center

Last but not the least. Coach made me do a series of crunches.
3 sets 20 reps ea.
-Basic Crunch – Obliques Crunch – Flat Straight Leg Raise – Reverse Crunch? – Bicycle (Criss Cross)
I have to admit if I had done these crunches in my unhealthy state before I would have died at the first set.But thanks to Cassey Ho and her Killer ab Pilates workout I was able to complete all 3 sets of 20ea without thinking or feeling like giving up.

Lara Novales, Coach Victor Palo at Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Mabini Branch in Manila

Coach Victor Palo and Lara Novales at Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Mabini Branch in Manila

Me and Coach Vic after a great workout! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!

At the end of all the workout Coach helped me to stretch out. He even said that its good I have great flexibility I’m really happy about that. Over all I think I did a pretty good job. I was drenched in sweat at the end and it felt really good. I will definitely come back tomorrow morning again and TRAIN INSANE! like Cassey always say, “Train Insane or Remain The Same” Oh you can view my entire workout at my Fitocracy profile here.

so that wraps up my first day experience at the Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center. 
On my next post I will be writing about the Gym itself. I don’t want this entry to be TOO photo heavy for you guys! 

What do you think of my first workout? Did it look too easy? Do you think I could have done more? or Trained harder?  Also if you are from the Philippines or if you plan on visiting and need a gym, make sure you check out Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center. They are open 24 hours a day (except during special holidays). So you will never miss a single day of working out on the account that the gym is closed. Here is their website and be sure to check out and like their Facebook page [here].
Leave your comments and suggestions below.

Lara Krystle Novales
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy & Beautiful
Weight Loss and Fitness Blogger


7 thoughts on “My First Day Experience in Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center in Manila

  1. taltress

    Workout at the gym is never easy. I bet he ran you through the ground. I never had a trainer but I work out with my GF and she’s like one! LOL. Tell me all about your next workout. BTW do you have a ab workout challenge. I’ve been doing cardio all this time and I need to change it up.


    1. Lara Krystle Novales Post author

      Hey there!
      Yeah its never easy I can agree! But it is so much! Having a trainer really helps when one is new to the gym because I don’t know squat about weight lifting and the likes. Hahaha! And its good to know that he has my back in case I am unable to complete the sets.

      as for Ab challenges, I have one in the works along with other challenges. its more focused on the core and abs.

      If you look at the Pilates challenge there are two days that focuses on the abdominal regions you can use those and alternate it by day.

      ex. Do the Ab workout today and then do Abs/waist the next day. Have a saturday sunday rest and repeat for 21-30 days.

      You can do that for now whil I don’t have the actual challenge up yet.

      Hope that helps. 😛



      1. taltress

        Ah ok. Thanks! I’ll check out the Pilates. I don’t know squat about weight lifting too. I want to focus on my abs first though since that’s my problem area. I know it’s not good to focus on only one area but my legs gets worked the heck out of on the elliptical and my arms doesn’t need much of a workout anyway.


      2. Lara Krystle Novales Post author

        Well since Pilates basically is focused on core workouts which is the general abdominal region I think it’s going to be the best way to really work out your abs.

        Just two weeks of Pilates will give results.

        My problem area Re my arms so I really work on that. I’m loving the weight lifting I really do. My flABS are okay. They are pretty strong because I’ve been doing Pilates. So I really recommend Pilates.



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