Day 50 | Joining A Competition

Kawaii Fitness Photo of the day:

Fit is not a destination


Well hello there Kawaii Fitsters! it is day 50 for me and this is the half way mark of my 100 days. it usually this last half that is always the hardest. So I’m kicking it off by joining this event at our gym. 

So it is a 6 week challenge. roughly about 42-ish days perfect for the remaining time I have on my hands. if i win this I get cash prize which is a big deal for me because that prize money will go to my cosplay this October!!  I NEED MONEY FOR MY COSPLAY! hahahah! So there. I’ll be talking with my trainer about this and I hope he whips my butt some more. I am half way there but I need that extra little push because it seems I have hit yet another plateau. So wish me luck you guys!

Here was my food intake for Day 50:

Breakfast:    2  sunny side ups and red rice, 
Snack:       ramyun (Korean noodles) and a mango smoothie
Lunch:      red rice and creamy chicken with broccoli 
Dinner:     chicken burrito and a surfer’s green smoothie

Do you think I can win that challenge? 

Lara Novales
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