MY Before and After Photo Marks the END OF CHALLENGE!

Today marks the last day of Jade and My 68 – Day Challenge!!! I know I wasn’t able to update as religiously as she was with blog thing, mainly because of university took a huge toll and a chunk of my time. But I did my best to squeeze in everything. I really had to give up religious blogging in order to fit all my schedules in. But anyway here is my obligatory progress report for the 68 day challenge.

Lara Novales 68 day challenge Before and After Progress photos


The day 1 photo is actually 141kg. Yes I really am yo-yoing because of school and stuff. Its like 135-141 -135-141 over and over. But the 68 day challenge plus the SHape up at the gym helped me get out of the 135 -133 plateau.

in 68 days I managed to lose 11lbs. I yo-yoed during the whole thing and I think right now I may be 131lbs but it doesn’t really matter.

Im pretty pleased with this (Before and after/ progress photo). It really helped having someone join you on this journey. An setting smaller goals is really good! There were days when I absolutely pigged out (specially during PMS-days,) but I did my best to eat clean and moderately.)

Anyway this concludes my 68 day challenge and today is the 1st of August and Im going to start a new challenge today.

Lara Novales
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