Day 49 |Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

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Well hello there Kawaii Fitsters! Lara here again with another blog post. So I bought a weighing scale for my birthday… and ever since I have been obsessed with it (sad to say). I have had a very bad relationship with it in the past. It was a great factor in my previous disordered eating a few years ago (which I have gotten over), now it is there to test me and my strength. 

I know a lot of you out there are being controlled by what is written on that scale, but remember IT IS JUST A NUMBER.  I have to keep reminding myself that as well. Since I weight lift, I am much heavier but  my dress size shrinks. Sometimes I still freak out at the higher number on it but I have to remind myself that muscles weigh more than fat. 

Check out these photos for reference. 

As you can see, though their after photos says bigger on the scale, but their bodies are much more lean and toned. HOORAH for muscles. So this serves as a reminder for me and for everyone else, that numbers on the scale aren’t everything. You’ll be surprised to see that though you are “heavier” (says scale-sama) you look better because of muscle growth and tone. 🙂 

Before I end this post. here is a photo of my lunch in university (yes I have packed lunch just so that I have some semblance of control over my food. And then here is a horrid photo (selfie) of me being all “STAY AWAY FROM ME BECAUSE I AM EATING LUNCH WHILE DOING MY ECON HOMEWORK” heeheehee. 

There you have it. how about you? Are you going to let the scale control your life? 

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4 thoughts on “Day 49 |Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

    1. Lara - Chan Post author

      I knew you were needing this small push to keep going. That is what accountability partners do ^_^ heehee (feel the love) also i really needed this myself. so I decided to touch base. 😛


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