Meal Prep For My 12-Week Program

Hey Everyone! Today is the day I am starting a 3 phase, 12-week program by Jamie Eason

from And I am just so excited to start it because she is one of my biggest inspiration ever. I’ve always looked up to her when I look at fitness models and such. I was so

excited when I saw her training program that she designed (FOR FREE) for everyone who wants to transform their bodies to being in their best shape ever.

Each phase is compromised of 3 parts. Training, Nutrition and Supplementation.

This entire weekend I dedicated it in prepping myself knowledge wise and nutrion-wise so I can do this program correctly. And of course since I start training later on today, I had to make my meal prep a priority.

So here is my meal prep:

Lara Novales meal prep diet

Lara Novales Meal prep fitness

Lara Novales meal prep

Meal Prep

Small round containers are for my mid moraning and mid afternoon snacks. And they consist of.  chicken muffins (made from oats and lean ground chicken breast and other herbs and spices and veggies) and also veggies of course

Big rectangular containers are for my lunch and dinner and it consists of, Grilled chicken breast (marinated in lemon and black pepper) then just some assorted veggies.

I haven’t added the starch in because I’m thinking of putting the in a serving (1/4 cup) brown rice in the morning (which is right now – so that’s covered). But yeah. I was surprised at how easy it was to prepare this (with help)

I made food for 2 1/2 days only because I didn’t have that much containers available (didn’t buy enough) and also there wouldn’t be space in the fridge.

But anyway I am very very happy about this meal prep and I’m so excited.

I know you are going to ask. “But I thought you were vegetarian (lacto-ovo)??!” Yes I am vegetarian but in order for me to fully accomplish and complete this program I have to sacrifice my diet of choice and incorporate (just) chicken breast into my diet. We’ll see how it goes.

I just wanted to share that with you all today. Wish me luck you guys!



7 thoughts on “Meal Prep For My 12-Week Program

    1. Lara Post author

      Thank you sooo much! i am really super mega excited! hahaha! its always been a dream of mine to be able to do a program like this and later today i can finally stArt on it! you should definitely check it out! Jamie is amazing!


      1. free2bme123

        I think you will do great! I just took a look and it is very simple and set up in a way that it can easily be followed. I would like to re post your post if you don’t mind and then next week I would like to start it myself and post the results on my blog. I have a weigh in on Saturday, so I want to start fresh after that. I too am looking forward to doing it, maybe it is what I need to get out of this funk!!! Thanks for posting it 🙂


      2. Lara Post author

        that would be amazing!! we can be accountability partners if you want. I’ve been asking my friends if they want to join but most of them are very hesitant. im so glad you’re going to do it as well! let us motivate each other okay?


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