Journey To Skinny Day 08 – Kim Hyuna: My Asian Thinspo

April 06, 2012

Photo of the Day:

Quote of the day:

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” ~Dennis P. Kimbro

Today’s GOAL Calorie intake:

1000- 1200  Calories


1 bowl of Cheerios – [120 calories]

1 hardboiled egg – [78 calories]


2 pcs chicken wing sections from soup – [154 calories]

5 slices of (stir) fried eggplants – [230 calories]

tomatoes and broccoli stalks


4 sticks lamb skewers – [928 calories]





30 mins – Walking 3.5mph – [119 calories]

60 mins – clearning, light mod effort – [157 calories]

60 mins – walking 2.5 mph – [189 calories]


 Hey guys, its me again posting Day 08 of my journey to skinny. Actually to tell you the truth I am very very sick right now. I came down with a fever. I got it from my baby sister and possibly from my students in school. But alas today I still have to go out to my mother’s place because of something I really don’t know what. Oh well.

For the first time since I arrived, I am actualyl feeling very warm and hot. Mainly because my temperature is going up. I hope I get well soon.

I ate Lamb skweres and lamb rib last night. It was nice because it warms up the body. It was so good. :)

Oh in case you get confused. Let me just explain how I am writing these Journey to Skinny things. Today is April 6 but I am writing about yesterday’s eats. I post Journey to Skinny in the mornings because this way the VPN is faster and I really have a good recollection of everything I did the previous days. So yeah.Sorry if sometimes I confuse you guys with how I am writing my posts (date wise).

I recently discovered this really cute Kpop song called Bubble Pop by 4Minute. Its so cute and I really like their lead singer Kim Hyuna. She used to be part of the Wondergirls Kpop group. Then she got sick and after that she went solo and started her own group called the 4Minute.

I am trying to learn the dance of BubblePop, so I’m letting my sister figure out the moves then she is going to teach it to me.

I am absolutely in love with Kim Hyuna’s body. She is skinny but not skin and bones. I love how fit her arms are and how perfect they are. Her stomach is just right and her thighs are firm but with a little OOPMH and very very realistic. She is not the CUTIE CUTIE type of Korean Pop singers. I really like her style.

So cheers to my newfound Favourite ASIAN THINSPO: KIM HYUNA!


Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales
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16 thoughts on “Journey To Skinny Day 08 – Kim Hyuna: My Asian Thinspo

  1. Napralina

    Hyuna used to be part of wonder girls but got sick and was pulled out by her parents. She later joined 4minute but they already have a leader and it’s not Hyuna. After a while she began a solo career while still being part of 4minute. 4minute does not get up on stage with her for bubble pop and she is not the leader.


    1. mymymy

      1. Hyuna is an orphan–her dad committed suicide when she was young and her mom put her and her brother and sister in the orphanage and somebody took her siblings and not her so yeah thats not possible for her “parents to take her out of 4minute” that’s ridiculous why don’t you actually know about her before writing shit down


      1. Nicola1984

        you lost 22 lbs in 8 days ?? This is by eating roughly 1000 cal/day and exercising for about 2-3 hrs?


    1. Siren

      1200 calories is the minimum intake for the body to survive. If you are saying that is alot Danielle, then you are a messed up person.


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