Motivated to Transform | Day 1 Phase 1

Phase 1 Day 1 of 84

Photoinspiration of the Day


Hey everyone! I’m glad to say that I finalyl started on Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12-week Trainer! I’m so stoked! I actually am in the process of rendering my first video blog on this 12-week program! I’m really so excited! But the reason why i am already writing this even without my Video blog is because I will not have the time later on this evening since I have classes until 8:30pm. When I get home I just want to sleep.

Anyway, here is my workout log:

Lara Novales workout

I haven’t completely filled out the food section mainly because its not even 6pm yet when I wrote this. But rest assure that I will be eating on time.

Here are some photos from today:

Dumbbell Bench Press girl

Dumbbell Bench Press Woman

Over head tricep extensions

Laying cable Flyes

Pull downs

I really enjoyed my workout today. Though it was fairly easy at some areas and really frikkin hard in others. I have to say, together with my food today I am very very satisfied and I feel amazing! i can’t wait for tomorrow!

Be sure to stay tuned to my Vlogs! In a perfect world, I want to update everyday, but reality is I cannot do this unless it is the only thing I do and nothing else. So sometime my vlog will come at the end of the week or what not.  So pleas please subscribe to me on youtube to see my latest videos!

Lara Krystle Novales


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