My 30 Day Thinspo Challenge

Day Four
Your greatest fears about weight loss.
(April 24, 2012 )

  • I am already living in my weight loss fear. And that is regaining the weight back…
  • Yes that is my weight loss fear. The fear of putting back all the weight I’ve lost. It happened to me due to Interior Design School. I was so blah there and I had to keep eating to keep my head working. So yeah I gained so much back. I lost 20 pounds and I gained 13 pounds back so it was so crap. So here I am now.
  • Another weight loss fear and sagging breasts. I have pretty big jugs (try D cup) and I’m afraid that if I lose weight it will become weird and ugly

Day Five
Why do you really want to lose this weight?
Are you doing it for you?
(April 25 2012)

  • I want to lose weight because I want to be able to do more things in life without having this fat being a hindrance.
  • I want to lose weight so I can wear clothes that I like
  • I want to ultimately be gorgeous and skinny. And To be able to turn heads when I walk into a room ^-^
  • Oh here is my blog post on my –>REASONS to BE SKINNY <–
  • And yes I am doing it for myself.

10 thoughts on “My 30 Day Thinspo Challenge

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  2. Bee

    Just wondering, but what does H.W mean? I understand that G.W means goal weight..right? Sorry, I’m just curious cause I want to lose weight too and your blog is the most inspirational thing I’ve come across! :D


    1. Krystle Lane Post author

      H.W. means Highest Weight you have ever recorded of yourself at any given time during your adult years :P or teen years ^-^

      Its okay it took me time to figure out the UGWs and the GWs as well. :P

      Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I hope to be able to read your blog too in the future when you stat it :P

      Lara Krystle Lane Novales


  3. Bennie

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  6. Dena

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