Day 34 |My Fitness Soul Mate

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My good friend Jade from Jade On A Diet and I have been friends since back in our awkward days. 15 We lost touch when we moved to different countries but was reunited because of weightloss and fitness. Both of us are nearly the same in several aspects but what really unites us is our battle of the bands.. I mean.. bulge. 10 

So last weekend we talked about becoming accountability partners and doing the whole weight loss/fitness thing together. 16 Her goal is to lose weight and fat. My goal is to lose the fat and gain muscles.  Our goal is to be able to go as far as we can before August. Why August? Because for her she has a trip this August, and for me I start putting together my cosplay on August. 

We started, Monday our times, May 26th and the end date is on the 1st of August hence the 68 day challenge. I’m still sticking to my current countdown. It still matches since my 100 day countdown also ends in August 1st. 

So our action plan?

To always “bug each other”. To track what we eat everyday. To make sure we do our workouts for the day and encourage each other. Make it into a friendly competition because a little rivalry is healthy *wink wink*13

I will be making a separate page/entry, recording our collective journey there. Then I will publish it on the 1st of August.

She will be doing her pilates and I will continue my training at the gym.

Wish us luck! 2

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