Day 21 |Just Because I’m on a Diet Doesn’t Mean I can’t eat.

Motivation of the day:

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Today i want to share with you how I do my cheat meals. Yes MEAL not DAY. I don’t give myself a cheat day, but one cheat meal. One whole meal wherein I can just gorge on whatever the freak I want and enjoy without feeling guilty. (its easier to feel guilty if you give yourself a cheat day)

Some people think that just because Im trying to lose weight and am on a “diet” means I have to completely deprive myself. Well partly is true. You do deprive yourself, deprive yourself of processed food and junk and unhealthy stuff. Just like the quote above says, “Processed food….. extends the waistline as well.” 

So yes, I deprive myself and control myself from eating JUNK FOOD and CANNED FOODS and the likes. Also right now, I know some of you who follow me on IG or are my friends on Facebook/twitter/etc… I am cutting out all my carbs (as much as possible) and eat clean and lean and mean.

Going back to topic. So, because I have to be very strict with what I eat, I always go ALL OUT with my ONCE A WEEK cheat MEAL. And last week’s cheat meal looked a little bit something like this:

I gorged on Sizzling squid, Fish head soup, blue marlin Steak, Stuffed crab and KARE KARE!!!

As you know these are all Filipino dishes and Kare Kare is a TO DIE FOR dish! But it can also kill you since its all basically fat on fat on fat. Its pig feet (and other fatty parts) in thick peanut sauce. Oh dear lord it was so AMAZING! Best CHEAT MEAL EVER! And to top it off I didn’t gorge on unhealthy junk like burgers or pizzas, these are actual HOME COOKED TRADITIONS-ish Filipino food!!

So there I just wanted to share that with you guys. 🙂 

Sizzling Squid

Tinolang ulo ng isda (fish head soup)

Blue Marlin steak (SLABS!!)

Rellenong Kasag (Stuffed crab head)

Kare Kare (pigs feet and veggies in peanut sauce)

Lara Novales Cheat meal Kare Kare

Mother's day lunch at Mely's Garden Bacolod City

How about you guys, Do you give yourself a cheat meal or a cheat day?
Which would you rather prefer?
If you were given one last meal, what would you choose to eat?
Let me know in the comment section below okay?

Lara Novales
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3 thoughts on “Day 21 |Just Because I’m on a Diet Doesn’t Mean I can’t eat.

  1. taltress

    Those look SSSOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! I do the cheat meal to. It’s all I need. It’s mostly dinner, which I try to eat early that day so the food can digest and I won’t go to sleep with food still in my stomach.


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