Day 16 |Lost 6.5% Body Fat

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Do something today that you will thank yourself in the future




I know it has been a week since my last update. going to the gym and running my online business, Khrafteesi,  has been taking up a lot of my time from blogging3.So today I will be giving you guys an Update of my Body stats.

If you go to the About section and under that click on the STATS AND GOALS link you will see there my previous stats. I finally got reevaluated 2 -3 days ago and I am so excited to share it with you guys!! So without further ado here are my current stats!9

Dec. 05, 2013 -> May 05, 2014

Weight:                         60.2kg -> 62.1kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 21.1kg -> 24.1kg
Body Fat Mass:            21.4kg ->
Total Body Water:       28.4kg -> 32.3kg
Fat Free Mass:             38.8kg -> 44.1kg
Protein:                        7.6kg -> 8.6kg
Mineral:                        2.75kg -> 3.15kg

BMI:                               26.1 -> 24.3
Body Fat Percentage:  35.5 -> 29.0 17
Waist-Hip Ratio :          0.90 -> 0.87
BMR:                             1209 -> 1322

 As you can see here, my weight actually went up. by 2kg but my skeletal muscle mass went up as well while my body fats went down! 7Right now I base my progress with Body fat percentage. From being 35.5% body fat, I am no 29% body fat!!! I am just so happy that something has changed with my body. Seeing this progress makes me feel even more determined to work harder. 1My goal is to hit 18% body fat before October comes around or before my 100 days are up. So that means more lean and clean meals for me. 



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