Day 7 |Oh My Muay Thai

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There isn’t much I can update you guys on today except that I can start boxing EVERYDAY now! Our Gym just opened its dedicated boxing area with a boxing ring and I am just so excited to try it out tomorrow! 5

So today was just cardio and for that I just went to my Muay Thai class. For some reason I can do offense just okay but I cannot defend to save my life.4 Its like I am so focused on keeping my balance, hitting the target and hitting with power but when the coach throws kicks or punches at me I just fail to block and its like I suddenly snap out of concentration and get epicly lost. 15

Are any of your guys doing Muay Thai? Am I the only one being like this? 18



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2 thoughts on “Day 7 |Oh My Muay Thai

  1. crystaldawnfong

    Hey, Saw that you left a comment on my post, thanks for reading. I have been training Muay Thai for about 5 months intensively already. I have to admit that the first 3 months of padwork was torture. I was getting hit quite a bit but never able to block properly. I’ll advise you to concentrate on your balance and technique first, because when you can handle these 2 aspects, blocking will come to you instinctively. And yes getting hit is a good thing too, you train your body to be able to take hits so in future you can 1) predict someone’s move fast 2) be able to take hits without feeling much pain ( which is good if you’re a fighter) I’ll assume you only started Muay Thai for less than a month? So not to worry, fighters don’t become awesome over night so just be patient and practice your techniques on the punching bag as much as you can. If you read my post you’ll know i do hundred kicks each session, the more you practice you’ll become better. Lastly Don’t always concentrate on hitting with power, inter-change between speed and power, because you don’t want to end up bruising yourself too much and also speed trains you to react faster. eg, hitting someone first before they can hit you.
    I just posted up a video on my blog, it’s one round padwork with my coach, do check it out if you’re intrested. Nearing the end you’ll see how my coach tries to trip me many times by kicking my leg. That is why balance is very important. Cheers
    PS do feel free to ask any other questions.


    1. Lara - Chan Post author

      hello there!!!

      100 kicks per session?! WHOA! that is intense!

      Thank you so much for all the tips! I will definitely be reading more of your posts to get more insight and other tips on muay thai. its kinda sad though because our gym removed the muay thai classes and replaced it with boxing mon-fri. but Im trying to convince them to bring it back because I really enjoyed it.

      I will be buying/making a punching bag soon so I can practice as well power and speed taken into mind.


      Thanks again and I will drop by when I have other questions.

      Stay awesome and thanks a million!




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