Day 6 |Spin and Sweat

Motivation of the day:

Mulan Fitness quote




I have never sweated to much in my life! 11 I was just supposed to do weights today, Shoulders, Triceps, and chest. But since a free slot opened up on the Spin studio I decided, on whim, to take the Spin class to get some cardio in my system. And my oh my I sweated like there was no tomorrow! I literally came out of the spin floor drench in sweat! As if I jad just taken a bath or something. But it was definitely worth it! 14

My entire body aches now.. 15  well almost, but I’m sure tomorrow after muay Thai it will be even more sore. I just make sure to take in lots of protein and get lots of rest. I really like it that it is summer here from where I live so i can really focus on my fitness.

Anyway Im keeping this short because I really just want to sleep and rest up since tomorrow I have to do double cardio. 12  No weights tomorrow just plain old cardio and then some conditioning through Muay Thai. YEAY! 9

I’m really loving the quotes photos I have been making so far. i really want to keep making my own stuff so that everything will match theme wise. Do you have any fitness quote suggestions that you’d like for me to make into a motivation of the day photo? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below. 14 


Food Log:

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Workout Log:

Chest, Shoulders and Tricepts:
Barbell bench press medium grip
Incline Dumbbell Flyes
Seated Dumbbell press
Side Lateral raise
Lying Dumbbel tricep extension
Bench Dips

Spinning 1 hour


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