Day 5 |My Silly Boxing Fail

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I don’t know what I was thinking this morning when I went to the gym but I overworked myself because of my over eagerness to workout and get myself ready for my Mirajane Cosplay (plus prep work for next years bikini comp)4.

I have a new program I am following so I am very happy to be back on the weights floor. That is like my comfort zone at the gym. 5I love the feel of steel and grips on my palms. I like being able to push myself on my own. I love it. I love weight lifting. I love weight training. 

Today was focused on Back and Biceps which is always fun because those are, I think, my stronger points. 

Well after that I saw that i had extra time so i decided to try the TRX suspension training class before boxing. That was a wrong move for me. 16As much as I enjoyed the class, I just worked on my arms so my performance during TRX was compromised a great deal. So I was unable to finish the entire class. 

Boxing on the other hand is so much fun. I was really getting into it. There was one part that was really funny. It was when Keeward told me to spar with this other guy and hit him while he defends. I tried but i ended up laughing and apologizing because apparently I’m not comfortable with hitting someone I don’t know. (LOL) 10

As you can see below I made a food tracker for myself. 19I think it is really cute and fairly simple. I will release a free printable version of this next week for you guys! 


Food Log:

Workout Log:

Bent over two dumbell row
Wide Grip Lat Pull down
Barbell Curl
Alternate Dumbell curl

TRX 1 hour

BOXING 2 Hours


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