Welcome to Kawaii Fitness


As I have mentioned in the past, Thinspirational Journey will be undergoing some MAJOR changes. Now Thinspirational Journey is Kawaii Fitness!

we are no longer http://www.thinspirationaljourney.wordpress.com but we now have a home to call our own at www.kawaiifitness.com

Why change?

Well it’s because I have been running into a lot of problems with my old blog name with the word “thinspo” in it. As we all know. Thinspo is not well received in the community because of the mindset that is really glorifies eating disorders and unhealthy lifestyle habits. I agree with that but I still kept Thinspirational Journey for a LONG time.

But when facebook shut me down I took it as a sign that things need to change.

Yes ,I did lose a lot of my followings. NEARLY HALF! from 6k we’re down to 3k but that’s okay (hey that rhymed)

Anyway this change is for the better of everyone. I have always wanted to combine fitness with the other aspects of my life which is basically summed up by the term Kawaii,

You see I like to cosplay, I like to make food (bento) I like to make little arts and crafts and I think fitness should be fun and admittedly cute and quirky. So this is what Im am going to attempt with Kawaii fitness. I want to bring fun and cut into the world of weightlifting, boxing, muaithai and other gym training so that we can inspire more people (girls to be exact) to go to the gym and not see it as an intimidating place.

Kawaii Fitness welcome page

With that. I want to welcome you all to KAWAII FITNESS!

Lara Novales

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to Kawaii Fitness

  1. celicaxx

    Hey like, I made a blog post about this. I got linked here, I don’t know if automatically by wordpress or by you. I would say you stole my idea, but I obviously don’t know. Now I can’t make millions of dollars off kawaiifitness and become an internet fitness guru who knows everything.

    Oh well, good luck with your site and stuff. I’m not a girl (really, despite my kawaii-ness of my site and music I listen to) and have no idea how fitness works with girls and “thinspo” and whatnot. But I’ve been over 230lbs before and now I’m much better looking and healthier. Unfortunately, the process of achieving what you wish and fixing your health related issues is a matter of months or years, it’s never instant. Not because it’s actually hard to do, but because you have to find out what works and what doesn’t, and what’s true and what’s not. I think it’s less even a matter of straight will power in the classical sense of “grr I gotta try really really hard” but more the tenacity to keep up with the frustration of basically having to go through seemingly a million science experiments before you get the results you want.

    Oh well, glad my dream was realized, even though it’s not by me. Have fun, stay kawaii, etc.


    1. Lara Post author


      I’m not sure I understand what you mean about stealing your idea. I have never visited your site in the past and zemanta (a site plugin) tags similar posts automatically so I had no idea. So upon checking and reading you post (just now) about the kawaii diet and such. I assure you and I have people who has worked with me and helped me realize ©KawaiiFitness.com

      Anyway a lot of people have ideas of the same form at different times etc but only some actually act on said ideas.

      Thanks. I’ll definitely Stay kawaii. 🙂

      • Lara


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