Final Exams and Projects

I’m sure you may have noticed my lack of updates lately here on this blog. Its mainly because fo the End Term season and Final exams week. It been so crazy lately in my head that I can’t even go to the gym and I have been stuffing my face full of sugary stuff and unhealthy eats just to cope with the stresses of it all. But its okay. I know I can do this.

I just finished my Sociology End Term project on Cosplay and it was a success (i hope) now I can finally focus on my Psychology project (centerd on the psychosocial problems found within the family) I have tomorrow and saturday to film it. and then I need to be able to finihsh editing it by the 27th so it will be ready by the 28th.

Okay I’m sure I’m boring you with all this academic post.

As for fitness is concerned, as I said earlier, I’m pretty much too mentally occupied to think about my weight lifting and weight training. I’m just not able to concentrate on both school and fitness at the same time. Specially now I’m kinda not feeling the whole college life.

Anyway, i just wanted to let you guys know that.

Boring update.

Forgive the blogger 😉


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