F.A.Q. on My program – Half way through

Hey there you guys! Its me, having a bit of free time to bring you this update.

First thing is first. End term projects have officially swamped me. I literally have more projects than I can handle and I need to make good with one of them because apparently Im failing in Sociology hahahaha! That’s weird. But I’m aceing everything else, most specially Psychology. But I know you don’t want to hear all about academics. You’re hear to read about my ongoing experience with the Jaime Eason Live Fit 12 Week Trainer


F.A.Q. for my completed 6 weeks of 12 weeks into the program

Which Phase/week are you in now?
–  I’m currently in Phase 2, week 7 day 43.

Favourite workouts:
– Deadlift and Squats

– because I feel so strong seeing over 100lbs on the damn plates haha (yes I’m vain)

Have you lost weight?
– on the contrary I gained a whopping 7-8 lbs during the first phase

SO is it bad?
– No it’s not. I lost 1-2 dress sizes while  gaining 7-8 lbs.

What was your starting weight before starting the program
– around 131-133lbs

What is your weight now?
– ugh do I really need to? okay okay 136

I thought you gained 7 lbs?
– I did. During phase 1 I gained So much because the program required NO cardio at all. So it was all eating and lifting. So I gained. I went up to almost 138lbs. But upon reintroducing cardio this phase 2, I guess I lost a bit of weight. 2lbs in 2 weeks?

How did you feel?
– I felt very empowered from the very beginning of the program because it was something new and I was so super excited to test my strengths and explore new territories with my fitness.

Was it worth it?
– Half way through the program, I can say YES! it is so worth it, Even when I don’t have time for other things. I just make sure that right after classes I go to the gym and do the preset exercises which were very well laid out and explain for me in the program itself. I’m much stronger now and I can do a shit load more things than I used to. Heck i was able to push the giant cabinets in my room all by myself when 2 other girls (the maids) couldn’t do it with their combines strength! BWAHAHAHAH (yes I’m vain, still)

Was it easy , hard? or just in between?
– To be honest, it’s not easy, and definitely not too hard, but what I can say is that it is challenging.
You can make it easy by choosing lighter weights but since I want to get stronger I had to use weights that challenged me and that made me push myself harder. I made sure that the last rep I had to use over 9000 amount of willpower and strength. But there are days I chose to just lift light specially those “girl” days (IFYWIM)

What was the hardest part about her program?
– FOOD! The damn food! Eating clean! Eating the same types of food (no matter how much you vary). Honestly I can train for 24 hours but the food. the cravings. it is THE MOST DIFFICULT PART!
– I think I will add LEG DAY! I love leg day but it kills me every single time hahaaha!

What was the easiest part?
– Hmmmm….. easiest part… ab workouts. because I did pilates in the past, which really worked my core, to the ab workouts are nothing to me. 😛 LOL. also hammer curls and leg presses are easy 🙂

Did you meet your goals and expectations for your halfway mark?
– to be honest with you, I expected to loose a lot of weight but because of the gain I was a bit paranoid but when I tried on my clothes which seemed to be a little more lose then it kinda made me feel positive about it

Anyway those are the only questions I was give  but just a few more notes I wanted to add.

I am dead terrified of the scale because every time I see a big number on it my tendency is to relapse so as much as possible, during this whole program I want to refrain from looking at the scale. I look bigger in some parts due to my gain but I hope to cut out the fats on the remaining weeks in the program.

Also as for my diet. I basically just screwed it upon entering the 2nd phase. I was strict during the 1st phase though. But the thing is, I learned to distinguish which food i can or cannot eat and I can more or less balance out the things to a certain point, but I still ate pizza, fried chicken, chocolates, white bread and junk food.

DIET was and continues to be THE HARDEST part of the program. hopefully once I get my allowance I can buy my food again.

Anyway, this is all I have for you today. If you have other questions regarding my half way through, experience, with the program, leave a comment below and I will answer them on the next blog post.


One thought on “F.A.Q. on My program – Half way through

  1. taltress

    You know, as long as you know what’s good to eat, bad to eat and how to eat in moderation, you should be fine. I’m doing that now because of the situation that we are in, I can’t keep track of my food like a use to but I’m still trying not go to over and eat healthy.



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