Busy But Not Too Busy For The Gym

These past two weeks have been  super crazy for me. Mid terms and the aftermath of midterms. All I had time for really was School, Gym, Home, Review, School, and also my crafting (im going to be opening an online store soon with the crafting stuff I’ve made.

So yeah, Mid terms are finished and I think I did pretty okay on my tests and all but the deadlines doesn’t stop at mid terms. We are all preparing for the end term projects so I guess I wont be able to do much comprehensive video updates like before. Perhaps I’ll drop by with a simple message here or there but nothing like before, not until everything gets sorted out on my end at school.

Anyway, although I have been busy with school, rest assure that I have been faithfully going to the gym and working out and following the program of Jamie Eason.

I am on my last week of Phase one and I’m really excited to get my cardio back  on Phase two.

I can feel the muscles in my body forming and I feel much stronger now.

As for the diet, last week during mid terms I really let it go and just ate to my heart’s content. I wasn’t very off track but it still wasn’t the meal plan. Its okay, Im back on it again this week and all I can say 1 week of not eating clean really makes a difference in the body. no a lot of difference but quite a bit of a difference.

I’m sorry but I have to keep this short because I have a lot of project deadlines to catch up to.

How have you guys been? Update me. Let me know how you’ve been doing with your own journey to fit.

Lara Krystle Novales


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