Back and Biceps | Day 16

Jaime Eason LiveFit 12 week Trainer
Phase 1 | Week 3 | Days 16


I’m just going to post a quick quick updated on my workout today. I just finished back and biceps and I feel like i’ve gotten wearer. I opted for lighter weights so I execute every workout accordingly and in super proper form. It was nice. I had a great time!

I met a new aquaintance today. He is an English Football player from Ireland and he is training at the gym I go to and he is also promoting Fitness advocacy. It is amazing.

So hre are some of my photos (i know Im being lazy)

Lara Novales fitness

Lara novales wide grip lat pull down

Lara Novales workout

Lara Novales seated rows

Lara Novales hyperextension

Lara Novales barbell bicep curls

Lara Novales alternate hammer curls

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Lara Krystle Novales


3 thoughts on “Back and Biceps | Day 16

    1. Lara Post author

      Hahahaah!!! OMG LOL! yeah! Never really realized that!
      tat exercise is that Bent Over Two-Arm Long Bar Row. Basically you do rows but with a barbell. OH LOL… I’m frikkin pole dancing that’s what it is. ^_^ I cant stop laughing right now!! XD XD XD


      1. taltress

        LMAO OMG that’s too much! I have to bend over out of sight so people won’t think that I’m crazy from my silent cracking up. Bent-Over Two-Arm Long Bar Row??? LMAO. That machine was made for men to see women use it.


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