Week 2 Recap | The Hardest Parts Are Yet To Come

Jaime Eason LiveFit 12 week Trainer
Phase 1 | Week 2 | Days 8-11

Hey everyone! For those of you who read my update yesterday / last night about me having some technical difficulties with the video, Have no fear I finally was able to solve it and the video is now uploaded on my youtube channel and you can finally watch my recap this week.

All i can say about this week was it was actually much more challenging than the first week because my muscles were still very sore during every workout I had to do the past week. So since my muscles were still very much sore I found myself exerting much more effort with every execution of the exercise.

Of course the feeling was AMAZING! I loved every bit of it!

I was looking at myself in the mirror while doing some of the exercises and I nearly squaled because I saw that my butt is much more shapely now! OMG! All those squats are starting to pay off. Look ^_^

Lara Novales butt

Now I know I’m not in perfect shape or anything but this is progress for me. I’ve never truly had a shapely bum before and seeing this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here are some of the other photos taken at the gym as well. 😛

Lara Novales gym

Lastly… the food. Eating clean has definitely made a huge amount of difference in my body in a short span of time, but sometimes I get REALLY REALLY bad cravings. So in order for me to get over these cravings without over indulging is allowing myself 1 cheat meal. TAKE NOTE: just 1 meal when I can choose to eat WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT without feeling guilty, (but of course in moderation.

Today was my cheat meal and I ate some delicious oriental pasta with grilled chicken breast and roasted peanuts. YUM YUM. it was still pretty okay, (much better than getting fast food) and it was very satisfying.

I found that allowing yourself 1 cheat MEAL/week can really help curb the cravings and not make you feel like you are totally deprived of other sinful food.

After the mid term examinations I’m going to experiment on food. I will try to make some delicious and guilt free recipes that I can share with you. Or try the recipes that are already posted online and let you know how they are. ^_^

Anyway, what did you think of my gym recap this week? Please let me know in the comments below.

Lara Krystle Novales

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