Lara - Chan

February 7, 2014

Hello everyone.
I’m updating this via he wordpress app because my computer is currently pre occupied with rendering the video of the gym recap.

I’m having some technical difficulties right now with my Adobe Premier pro. I was supposed to have this video uploaded by the time I post an entry tonight but it seems like it is not happening.

I am currently trying to fix my sequence and what not so I can at least try to have the video up by Sunday.

I’ll update you guys on my week 2 of the LiveFit 12 week trainer once I get some rest tonight. I have been really stressing out on that video rendering and it’s been very difficult trying to keep my cool specially it is also mid-term season. So a lot of things going on.

But one thing I can tell you guys now is that the training has been amazing and fun!! I love every bit of it. Every single muscle that is sore is a happy muscle. ^_^

I won’t say much right now. Expect a post tomorrow or when I get the video up thanks for your patience.


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4 thoughts on “Technical problems

    1. Lara Post author

      It definitely will but if you are using a mac the chances would be very low. unlike me… working on this really old PC which can only run Adobe Premier pro CS3…. well the technical issues are a constant threat šŸ˜¦ hahaha!

      I’m cant wait to see your vlogs!!!!!!!!!!!



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