Gym Week Recap | Ready Kill It Next week | Phase 1 Day 4

LiveFit Phase 1 Day 4

Inspiration of the day:


Week 1 of the 12 week trainer is complete!! Well the work out part, now I have 3 days of rest before week two starts! I’m am really really stoked! Super excited! I really have good vibes about this program and I feel very much motivated to complete it! The program is so evenly spaced and well planned out it tackled everything one at a time which is really nice. Here is my Video blog and Gym recap ^_^

Lara Novales Training

Here are just a few photos from this week.

Lara Novales training 002135

Lara Novales Fitness traning 0012345

Lara Novales fitness

What do you guys think? Will I be able to transform within 12 weeks of this training?

Lara Krystle Novales


7 thoughts on “Gym Week Recap | Ready Kill It Next week | Phase 1 Day 4

    1. Lara Post author

      OMG! i am so frikkin excited for you!!! I can’t wait to be able to have a program buddy (for a lack of a better term) LOL hahahaha!
      Thanks Im really excited the results are so nice. Even in the frist week I can feel a slight difference in my body!


    1. Lara Post author

      Hey there!!
      As of this moment I have been trying to render my gym recap since I didn’t have time to blog due to mid-term season. 😦 but everything is going swell! If ant wait for my video to finish rendering and then uploading it on YouTube so I can share with you how my week has been so far. 🙂




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