Just Dropping In like a Squat |Fitness Vlog #8 | Day 3 Phase 1

Phase 1 Day 3 of 84

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So Day 3 is a complete success and to make things even more amazing my MusclePharm Shred Matrix (supplements) arrived today! WOOT WOOT!

I just want to say how incredibly happy i am today because of my workout. I went up to 143lbs on my Wide stance barbell squats!!!!! So happy. So exiting! Bwahahah! I feel like super woman! But I aim to be an Asgrardian warrior and lift Thor’s hammer ^_^

Lara Novales Training program

I just uploaded my latest video blog so just watch that instead since there isn’t much i can say in writing. 🙂 Just wanted to log it in and make sure I update you guys (to those who are reading this) that I did my workouts for the day.

Just a quick note, I finally figured out how to render my videos so that it fit the youtube screen ^_^ *accomplished*

Lara Krystle Novales


6 thoughts on “Just Dropping In like a Squat |Fitness Vlog #8 | Day 3 Phase 1

  1. taltress

    You are so adorable lol. BTW, you don’t look flabby or a blob. I can show you blob girls lol. Keep up the great work ok. I will be doing my vlogs as soon as I get a better computer. I’m still trying to fund-raise for that computer. Maybe taxes can help out. IDK.


    1. Lara Post author

      OMG I’m like 35% body fat and I think that is still flabby, but not too fat.. I just need to tone up a bit moere (okay a lot more). hahahah!
      OMG yes DO VLOGS!!!! I love watching VLOGS from people I know! kyaaaa! I hope you can get your computer soon! I’m so excited!


      1. taltress

        When do you post to your blog? I try to do it at night because during the day, I’m on my work computer and I don’t have time sometimes to do it. But if I post at night, no one but my followers will be able to see that I posted. And sometimes not even that, I save your emails and I’m also on Blogger so I can add your blog to my read list. Other than that, I would miss your post completely.


      2. Lara Post author

        I try to post afternoons (my time) but it really depends on my schedule and on how fast I finish the Video Blogs (huhuh those take up so much time editing , rendering and then uploading time) So yeah, I really don’t have a fixed sched on when I upload/post on my blog. But i try to do it at least 5 times a week (i try)


    1. Lara Post author

      Hi Vincents A.k.a Chubbydayz (heeheehee)
      Thank you! I will always strive to keep challenging myself in order to become much better and also to achieve my goals. ^_^



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