Guns under Construction | Day 2 Phase 1

Phase 1 Day 2 of 84

Photo Inspiration of the day:


Today we focused on the biceps and the back. I’ve never done so many different types of bicepcurls in one day. usually  I just do 1 or 2 bicep workouts But today i think I did 4 different bicep curls. I have been really so motivated even today.

I have to tell you that my morning started out so lazy. I didn’t feel like moving at all and I was practically falling asleep in Sociology class. But as soon as class finished I rushed to the changing room and kicked off my black high heels and changed into my gym clothes almost instantly I felt better!

It feels weird not doing any cardio but it sure saves me a lot of time. Jamie Eason said that the reason for not doing cardio is because in this first phase, we are going to build muscles first, then after that in the next phase cardio starts. ^_^

So here is my photo recap today (nothing much)

Lara Novales training program

I can see a teenie weenie bit of definition there on my arms. Its not much (AT ALL) but for me this is an accomplishment because my arm used to be just one big glob of flabby fatty mess. But at least now a bit of muscle is there. Its very small and concealed under layers of fat, but its there.

I’m curious, what type of arms would you like to have/achieve? Comment below. ^_^

Lara Krystle Novales


2 thoughts on “Guns under Construction | Day 2 Phase 1

    1. Lara Post author

      yeah! you should. Its really motivating when you see those photos. I like it because it helps me stay on track specially when I see the fitness models I really look up to ^_^



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