Women Don’t Get Bulky When They Lift Heavy

Okay, so I go to the gym. I LOVE lifting weights. And to be quite honest I lift about 100lbs now on certain exercises (its not a lot compared to others but still). A lot of people always warn me about certain weight lifting issues on women which are utter lies and a load of bull. (not their fault). Media has presented us with so many deceptions and misconceptions about the way we look already and they go and infiltrate out precious weightlifting world because enough is never enough. But I am here, along with other people who have written the articles, to shed light of popular weight lifting myths for women.

#1 Weight Training or Lifting “heavy” makes you bulky

Its sad that most women are mislead to believe this statement. How many times have I heard this, “OMG you’re going to get so big if you lift that heavy!” or “WHAT! You shouldn’t lift anything over 3lbs or you’ll bulk up!” sometimes, “Just go for lighter weights and more reps to create long lean muscles.” I just look at them and take a deep sigh of “I -am-so-sorry-that-you-have-been-mislead-by-media-again.”

First of all, Women do not have the testosterone (balls —lol) for us to gain super muscles like men. Yeap! So unless you pump yourself full of testoserone, drink tons of body building supplements, spend hours and hours at a time in the gym lifting super duper heavy weights (try over 300lbs) and then add a bit of steroids in the mix, then you will never “hulk” up.  like the image on the left.

Those super female body builder athletes, the ones who make Captain America and Super Man look like wimps, well their dedication to their bodies is much more than the superhero’s dedication to saving the world. (IMHO) Since not all of us can even afford to dedicating more than 2 hours daily on working out, I’m sorry girls, but becoming a she-hulk will never be attainable for ya.

On a more serious note. Weight lifting is good for us girls because it makes us stronger! Come on everyone wants to be an Asgardian! Heavier weights mean stronger muscles. More muscles means more fat burn because MUSCLES BURN MORE FAT. Don’t worry about bulk,  the only bulk you have to worry about is if you have bad eating habits.


#2 Lifting Weights will turn Fats into Muscles (thus bulking you up)

Boys and girls I would like you to please refer to this image: The difference between fat cells and muscle cells.

Now please standby as I perform a bit SHITLOAD of Alchemy to turn fats into muscles

Let’s see what happens:

The technical, literal, direct conversion of fat into muscle.

Fat is comprised of triglycerides, which are molecules shaped like a capital E comprising a backbone and three chains of fatty acids (shown below). These chains are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen almost exclusively.

Muscle mass is made up of muscle tissue, glycogen, water, and some intra-muscular fat.[1][2] The muscle tissue (the only tissue able to contract) is made up of chains of amino acids, which can be quite various in their structure. These chains contain nitrogen, and nitrogen is almost exclusively stored in the body as muscle (with some amino acids floating around).

It is impossible for fat to directly turn into muscle, since fat lacks the nitrogen and no mechanism exists in the body to reconstruct fat into amino acids. No evidence has surfaced implying that amino acids can be made in the body from anything other than other amino acids, a process known as transamination.[3][4]

The vast majority of muscle built is from dietary nitrogen intake; dietary protein is the only significant source of nitrogen in the human diet.[5][6]

So although lifting weights can both build muscle and induce fat loss, these should be viewed as two separate results and not one being the result of another. http://examine.com/faq/will-lifting-weights-convert-my-fat-into-muscle.html

Bascially it is impossible for fat to turn into muscle unless you are a very very skilled alchemist who studies under the Elric brothers (Forgive the anime reference I just couldn’t help it)


#3 If you stop weight training your muscles turn into fat.

Please see #2…. if it doesn’t work that way, it sure as hell won’t work the other way. Don’t you think? This is like saying that gold can turn into brass. Muscle and fat are two totally different types of tissue. What happens many times is that when people decide to go off their weight training programs they start losing muscle due to inactivity (use it or lose it) and they also usually drop the diet as well. Therefore bad eating habits combined with the fact that their metabolism is lower due to inactivity, and lower degrees of muscle mass, give the impression that the subject’s muscle is being turned into fat while in reality what is happening is that muscle is being lost and fat is being accumulated.

#4 – Women only need to do cardio and if they decide to lift weights, they should be very light.

First of all, if you only did cardio then muscle and fat would be burned for fuel. One needs to do weights in order to get the muscle building machine going and thus prevent any loss of muscle tissue. Women that only concentrate on cardio will have a very hard time achieving the look that they want. As far as the lifting of very light weights, this is just more nonsense. Muscle responds to resistance and if the resistance is too light, then there will be no reason for the body to change. (source)

WHEW. There you have it some common misconceptions about women and weight lifting.  I’m sure there are others but I didn’t include them here because I haven’t been presented with them personally.

I might recommend you guys to read this article by NERFITNESS on “7 Strength Training Myths Every Woman Should know.” it is much more detailed than my own short, albeit comical, article.



Lara Krystle Novales


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