No Excuses | I Worked Out ever with a High Fever

I woke up today feeling really really sick. Apparently there is a flu going around the city and the country making people sick with fever, sore throats and headaches, I also hear that the measles are also going around. While I was at school I though I will not be able to make it to the gym because I really felt so weak and felt like crap. But i went to the gym anyway.

The moment I arrived in the gym I tried to dress in my gym clothes. It took me a while because I really felt so faint. When I finally did I went straight to the floor to start running but my stomach felt odd so i ran straight to the toilet and I threw up. It was horrible. But I knew that exercise might help make me feel better.

So I washed my face and went back to the floor and walked, jogged, ran, and sprinted on the treadmill for about 20 minutes then I proceeded with my workout. My fever went down a bit and I felt tons better, but I’m still sick though 😦

This goes to show that exercise CAN help make you feel better but the proccess of going through all that work with a body that is ill is very risky. Please don’t try that. I can only say that my determination and willpower helped me through the workouts but if I was weak minded i probably would have gave in and caved in and gave out.

So below is my quick F-Vlog recap of my workout today.  (F-Vlog is Fitness Vlog)

Lara Krystle Novales


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