Leg Day at the Gym | Feeling the BURN!

I finally enrolled myself at the gym and had a go. Its been MONTHS since I last stepped foot in one. Its quite funny because the last gym I went to was actually Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center in Manila. And now I am enrolled in Eclipse Healing and Body Design in Bacolod.

At first I thought (and hoped) that the two were connected, but they’re not. (oh well). But I guess I am attracted by this certain brand name ECLIPSE. (heeheehee)

Anyway, so here is my experience on my first day there.

I availed of their basic package of unlimited use of the gym (equipments and weights). Originally it cost 1400, but since I am a student, I got a discount so all I had to pay was 1200. What does this fee entail me? Unlimited use of the facilities (excluding the studio classes), a free tumbler, a baler, 1 week assistance from a trainer, locker and towel (to be returned after your workout).

Eclipse healing and body design center Bacolod free tumbler

Eclipse healing and body design center Bacolod free baller

Forgive the low quality photos for now, I was not able to bring my camera because i had just come from university and my bag was heavy as it is.

Marty lAOaNG

So today I was assisted by Marty Laoang, a model, turned body builder and personal trainer. He made me do LEG DAY today.. on my first day back into the gym after such a long time…. LEG DAY (my legs are dead right now).

exercise log:

I log my workouts at FITOCRACY.COM

  • Walking (treadmill)

    Power set of Leg Extensions Lying Leg Curls
    22 lb x 15 reps
    33.1 lb x 15 reps
    3 SETS

    Power Set of Body Weight Close Squat and Body Weight Sumo Squat
    20 reps per exercise
    3 SETS

    Body Weight Lunge
    20 reps
    3 SETS

    Machine Hack Squat
    44 lb x 30 reps
    3 SETS

I know my workout doesn’t look a lot right now but I swear my legs are dying right now. I felt the burn as soon as I started on those exercises. I have to admit that I am RIDICULOUSLY out of shape but slow and steady wins the race.

So I am really looking forward to making my fitness goals a reality at last.

Lara Novales

Lara Novales and Marty Laoang

So until next time (tomorrow). Stay tuned. I promise I will try to get more meaningful photos in there.

ON my next post I will write about the details of the gym.

Lara Krystle Novales


3 thoughts on “Leg Day at the Gym | Feeling the BURN!

  1. George Godin

    Hello! You look so pretty 🙂 Anyways, thank you for sharing your experience. I just want to congratulate you for being active again in the gym. We really need to go to gym for us to be fit and healthy.


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