On Typhoons and Overeating And Yoga Mats

On Typhoons and Overeating And Yoga Mats


So today I overate today, mainly because of the stressful weather that Philippines is currently going through. A huge storm is going to hit us either tonight and tomorrow. Classes has been suspended and things just went awry today. I went 600 calories over my goal and I feel a little bad about it. Not even my workout today could negate the amount of food I consumed just to be able to cope with the weather and doing my Psychology and Marketing homework.

I never realized how much I craved while I was studying. Its time for me to start bringing some healthier snack with me and less cash to school. When I have money I tend to just buy or eat out. I have to start making bento boxes for myself.

Anyway I did the pilates day 5 today and it was so-so. I hate not having a yoga maat because just having a towel on the floor is kinda uncomfortable. Bone to wood collision during some moves is not the most pleasant of all sensations.

I think this is the main reason I am not enjoying my workout because i don’t have a proper mat to do it on and to cushion my body.  I never realized how much it makes a difference to me.

Anyway as I am typing this I was informed that there will be a black out at 10pm here in Bacolod City and possibly the whole island…. SCARY. So I better wrap this up.

Forgive m crappy update yet again. I promise to bring you better content soon. (maybe after the black out is finished)

Lara Krystle Novales


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