College Student After 5 Hours of Walking on Campus

College Student After 5 Hours of Walking on Campus


Hey everyone! I was not able to do my workout for today because I spent the whole day in the University going through my enrollment procedures. Yes, it took the ENTIRE day! Its CRAZY! I walked around the campus going to one department to the other, from one office to the next for  total of 5 hours! (I checked). At the end of the day I was just so exhausted and I felt like my feet were just going to give. (Walking around the whole day in heels are NOT advisable)!

But the great news is, I am now a University Student, Majoring in Marketing! I’m 24 years old and I know, in Asian standards, I’m very late when it comes to my schooling, but then it is better late than never. Right?

Anyway since I wasn’t able to do my Day 4 of my Pilates calendar today, I will do it tomorrow instead. And I will dedicate this post to some fitness inspiration and motivation. Which I will limit to 10 photos.  I really just want to take a look at beautiful and fit ladies to get me pumped for tomorrow.

Fitness motivation

Fit women

fitness girl



fitness quote

I am so motivated right now that I feel like I want to workout. Hahaha! But I have to listen to my body screaming for me to rest up. REST A LOT TONIGHT and WORKOUT LIKE CRAZY TOMORROW!

Lara Krystle Novales


4 thoughts on “College Student After 5 Hours of Walking on Campus

  1. taltress

    Those are some awesome bodies. Congratz on getting into college. Good luck! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been extremely busy with work. I should be able to post something soon on my blog.


    1. Lara Neko-Chan Post author

      Heya Ash!

      Yeah I never thought I’d be able to get back to college since I’m not really that smart.
      School starts on the 6th and I’m really nervous

      I hope to have a body like those girls someday. ^_^

      Looking forward to your posts soon! Don’t overwork yourself



  2. George Godin

    I like the statement you posted ” A fit woman in the gym is sexier that a chick in the club” I would totally agree! Congratulations in getting in to college. It is so nice to know that you are doing Pilates. I am also into Pilates because it keeps me fit 🙂


    1. Lara Neko-Chan Post author

      Hi George,

      I love that quote actually, when I saw it I got so inspired because its so true!
      Thanks! I have put off college for a long time but even after years of being out of school I was able to get in still. (even if I flunked the math part of the exam).

      I fell in love with pilates and how its really strengthens the core.

      I checked out your site and I love it! hope to see more from your blog soon!




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