1 Month of no Workout Made me Unfit and Untoned

Hello everyone,

I’m just checking in. I know its been a long time. It sucks not having my own laptop/computer to blog from. This is what happens when you move from places to places and from one country to the other. Anyway I have a confession to make. I haven’t been active for the past month and it, I’m afraid, has taken effect on my body and health. I feel very unhealthy and unfit because of missing a month a several weeks of working out. My external Harddrive decided that it doesn’t want to work and the thing is all my workouts are there. I know some of them by heart but its just not the same with someone coaching your at home. I don’t go to the gym anymore since Im about to make a move again to a different province. *sigh* (Here I am ranting).

I don’t think I have gained A LOT of weight, but I just feet very unfit and untoned like I used to be a few months ago.

So anyway, September 1. I will go and do the 30 Day Ab and Core challenge that I posted on the site. Then perhaps maybe start P90x if my hard drive decides to work.



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