WOD Nation x Navy Seals Part III | “O” Course? Of Course!!

You dont have to be great to start

Welcome to the third part of our WOD Nation x NAVY Seals Invitational CrossFit throwdown!

We last left our 5 part series with our participants Rowing the rubber boats with perseverance. [post can be found here]. So lets follow them and see where they headed to after they rowed to shore.

“Obstacle Course”

What Navy base would it be if they didn’t have an Obstacle course? And what kind of WOD would it be if they didn’t include the “O” course as well? And for any Crossfiter who enjoys a challenge, this WOD was definitely something that they all enjoyed.

So everyone had to accomplish the obstacle course within a time frame. One person per team will be running in the obstacle course while the rest of the will be working together to complete the Workout of the day. 1 Person will be doing the actual movement for example one will be doing the burpees while  the rest of the team is holding a pose like V pose or plank as another member of their team goes through the course. Once their teammate  completes the course they switch movements and teammates who does the course and WODS.

Running from the docks to the WOD O course

Plank hold and pushups

Air Squats and squt holds

Burpees and V holds

Box jumps and reverse plank hold

log crossing

Log Crossing

monkey bars

log climb

tire Crawl motivational quote

bar hurdles

Log crossing

Here is the list of the WOD they did:

  1. Push up and Plank Holds
  2. Air Squats and Squat Holds
  3. Burpees and V hold
  4. Pull-ups and Hand Stand Holds
  5. Box Jumps and Reverse Plank Holds

Everyone worked really hard to complete all the workouts plus the obstacle course in the alotted time of 25 minutes. Personally speaking just watching them and following the participants around was already effort enough and a bit tiring since the sun was so high in the sky and the heat was intense. But they finished it! They didn’t stop. Some of them reached over 100 BURPEES!!! Goodness, I can only do about 10 burpees before I give up and lay down panting. But these people didn’t. Though they may not be soldiers, they are “Soldiers of fitness” Its amazing.

Words of encouragement filled the air as they reached their final stretch for WOD II.  I think all the people who were shouting and urging them on in high spirits really helps each particiapnt to really perform well and push themelves to even farther than their known limits. Working together as a unit yet again.

So after the grueling WOD II – “O Course”” everyone were all cheers and smiles. Their smiles were full of accomplishment and triumph. It was beautiful to see.

CrossFit Mad Minute (Philippines)


And before I conclude this post. I just want to give you something you can smile at. I saw this photos I took and I was already tired from sitting in front of the computer editing and uploading photos. I couldn’t think of anything witty to say.


WOD Nation
CrossFit Mad Minute
FnB Box
CrossFit Inssurecto
Seal Team Fitness – NAVSOG Box

Lara Krystle Novales


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