WOD Nation x NAVY SEALS | Part 1 Let the WODs Commence

Seal Team Fitness - NAVSOG Box

I have been sitting in front of my camera, iPad, and computer for a few days now since Saturday trying to organize my thoughts on the WOD Nation x Navy Seals Invitational Crossfit Throwdown.

Okay first off what is this even all about? To put things simple its a Crossfit event. If you are going to ask me what Crossfit is, I will just link you over to NERDFITNESS because his indepth and interesting article on “A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO CROSSFIT” covers pretty much everything on the community including both pros and cons of Crossfit.

The event was hosted at the NAVSOG base in Cavite.

NAVSOG Philippines


There are 4 WOD (work out of the day) Which consists of and not limited to, Rowing/ paddling a rubber boat, running, Circuits, obstacle course, a Hero WOD dedicated to a fallen service man, and individual events, of course not to mention the boodle fight at the very end.

So this is how I am going to section off the blog posts so not to make it too photo heavy and too long for a single sitting. I will separate them according to certain events and topics.

WOD Nation x Navy Seals Registration booth

Seals Team registering for the Crossfit throwdown.

I traveled all the way to Cavite which is West from the city where I live. Sangely Point is a peninsula of sorts. It was a relatively easy travel time with the help of my trusty GPS and no-shame-direction-asking skills. I eventually made it to the Navy Base without a hitch. Although upon arrival I got held back because I was apparently in the list of Media-people. But it got cleared out after a few minutes (30 mins).

When I finally arrived at the area where the WODs will be held there were already a lot of people who were eagerly waiting for the fun and sweet torture to begin. Some were talking, others were warming up and stretching, there were even some children who came to support and cheer on their parents through their WODs.


A team of Crossfiters warming up for the day’s line up of WODs.

Crossfit box Jump

They were all so eager to start that they even started doing some box jumps the moment this baby was brought out. Honestly, I admire them for being able to do these things. I can’t even jump higher than a foot I think.

Crossfit Coaches

Still fresh and clean.

This father and son (?) combo apparently have OCD. Obsessive Crossfit Disorder

This father and son (?) combo apparently have OCD. Obsessive Crossfit Disorder



This is the Seals Team Fitness NAVSOG Box

After taking some photos of various people (I didn’t have the courage to talk to them at the time since I had just arrived and I usually am very shy at first), I walked around a bit.

The games was sponsored/ fueled by Gatorade and GNC Philippines. So all the participants and the people who were there to attend the games got to have a free taste of the GNC products, (I unfortunately couldn’t because it was whey protein drink and I am lactose intolerant).

Participant Fueled by GNC Philippines

Participant Fueled by GNC Philippines

Jez Bautistia GNC Philippines

A short welcome speech and commencement exercises was done, like the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, and an oath to (something) for all the participants of the day’s WOD challenges. And of course photo session while everyone still looks fresh and clean.

Crossfit pledge allegiance to the WOD

Crossfit Insurrecto

WOD nation umpires and coaches

I will conclude this for now. Because the next post will be about the first WOD. I am trying to to make my posts too PHOTO HEAVY to that it won’t lag up your computers/laptops and other browsing devices including phones and tablets.

I promise the next post will be better than this one. I spent most of my time fixing photos and figuring out how to dissect the events into chewable bite-sized posts.

Lara Krystle Novales


5 thoughts on “WOD Nation x NAVY SEALS | Part 1 Let the WODs Commence

      1. Vincent Noir

        That reminds me… We should do a day at the gym with Luis sometime.

        A day at the gym alone is lonely. But a day with buddies is fun.


  1. Cazz Singson

    Hi Lara, nice write-up 🙂 I got into one of your photos too! 🙂 It was an oath to sportsmanship. Hope you had a nice time covering it. Looking forward to your succeeding blogs about the event! Cheers – Cazz Singson



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