Post Holiday Detox – The Low Down and the Recipes

Post Holiday Detox – The Low Down and the Recipes

Okay everyone Today I will be posting about detox and several useful Detox recipes for everyone. Why? Well First things first. The holiday Season is technically over. A million of us have new years resolution of “losing weight” or “gettinghealthY” but during the holiday celebrations we did not exactly eat healthy or really put into thought what we put into our bodies. right. For most of us we porbably ate a lot of these during the holiday celebrations

Of course you can add the turkey and the likes. But this is the general idea. And we end up feeling like “crap” after the holiday season ends. Mainly because we over-ate, drank too much, partied too hard, and we totally sabotaged what could have been a great start of the year. But fret not. There is a way to counter all that and start anew. Its called DETOX.

What is detox? It is the short form of Detoxification, the process of removing toxins from your body.

Before anything else. You will hear a lot of DETOX DIETS going around. mind you those are unsafe and not good because they are done in long periods of time. You will lose TONS of weight but right after those “DETOX DIETS” you will gain all of the weight back plus more in record time. 

Why detox? And what does it mean?

It’s about cleaning up. Toxins enter your body through the air, water, conventionally produced foods, chemicals in cleaners, plastics… and the list goes on. Over time, these toxins build up in the tissues, organs, and blood faster than your natural cleansing organs (the kidneys and liver) can handle. That’s when your body benefits from an intentional boost: a detox.

This kind of cleansing program can be anything from a full-on fast to a light eating plan that includes lots of vegetables and whole grains with nutrients that help your body eliminate toxic elements. Hard-to-digest proteins, fats, and refined-flour products are minimized, and sugar is all but eliminated to give your body a break from this nutritional pitfall.

How long should a cleanse last?

People who eat a healthy, mostly plant-based diet usually cleanse for one to three days. But if your diet is less than healthy, a cleanse can be maintained with no ill effects for up to two weeks; even at its longest, it’s not harmful (I only do a three-day detox because Im already a vegetarian anything longer than that will activate starvation mode in my body). When detoxing, you’ll soon find that you feel lighter and you’ll probably lose weight in the bargain; afterward, you’ll likely feel more energetic.

So here are a few recipes for you guys to try.

All the recipes here can be used at any time of day. You can typically start with juices for a full day, then move to the consommé and solid food, with Detox Green Rolls as a refreshing snack any time I need an energy boost. And remember, any cleanse is temporary; before long, you’ll reintroduce foods like whole-grain breads, avocado, lean protein, olive and other oils, all worthy elements in a richly flavored and healthy diet.

Green Rolls

Detox Green Rolls Recipe

Serves 6 / Chilled, these beauties make a refreshing snack. You’ll find yourself whipping them up whether you are cleansing or not! Prep tip: After detox, add some good fats with a strip of avocado in each roll

Greens Juice

Detox Greens Juice

Serves 2 / Jam-packed with nutrients and supportive of your body’s cleanse action, this juice can prevent the fatigue that sometimes accompanies a cleanse. Apple adds just a touch of sweetness.

Carrot, Lemon, and Wheatgrass Juice

Carrot Lemon and Wheatgrass Juice

Serves 2 / You’ll love how you feel after downing this vitamin-C-rich drink. Ingredient tip: Look for wheatgrass juice in the freezer section of a natural food store; it’s generally sold in 12-packs of 1-ounce shots.

Daikon and Shiitake Consommé

DAikon and Shitake Consomme

Serves 4 / This clear, hydrating broth is a great starter course for any meal, so keep this in your repertoire even after your detox is over. Deeply cleansing and relaxing, this delicate soup keeps your body at its peak. Prep tips: You can add chile spice or cayenne to this soup to stimulate circulation and intensify your cleanse. Just a scant pinch while the soup is cooking does the trick. To make a heartier meal post-detox, add edamame, cooked brown rice, or tofu cubes.

Green Tea-Scented Quinoa with Corn

Green Tea Scented Quinoa with Corn

Serves 4–6 / Quick cooking, high in protein, and loaded with flavor, quinoa will become your go-to grain, whether cleansing or not. This recipe is packed with antioxidants and nutrients to get you through your detox with strength. Prep tip: Brew the tea lightly so that it does not turn the quinoa bitter during cooking.

Garlicky Greens with Lemon

Galicky Greens with Lemon

Serves 4 / Leafy greens are high in chlorophyll, crucial for protecting the liver and ridding the body of toxins. They’re also rich in nutritious antioxidants called carotenoids. An ample dose of garlic boosts circulation and increases liver enzymes that remove toxins. Recipe by Lisa Turner.

Carrot Salad with Sesame Seeds

Carrot salad with sesame Seeds

Serves 2 / This fresh, simple salad is loaded with fiber to promote regular elimination; and carrots and parsley contain abundant carotenoid antioxidants. Parsley also acts as a mild diuretic to flush out toxins. Recipe by Lisa Turner. (source: delicious living).

Whether it was a string of holiday parties or just too much of a good thing, sometimes the body needs a break. Banish feelings of bloat, fatigue, and constipation with these healthy recipes. The main ingredient in each dish is known for having detox properties that help the body’s digestive system do its job even better. In no time at all, you’ll be feeling lighter and more energized!

Let me know if you tried them and how you felt after wards.



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