What is your Trouble Spot?


Day 3: Which part of your body is your trouble spot?

I almost forgot to do the challenge today because I was so busy reading and watching anime/manga. As you all know I am a huge Anime/Manga fanatic. Thus the reason for me cosplaying and such. But anyway I did it of course an I did 3 sets of each workout to make it more challenging.

Lara Novales cosplay Neko

During a mini cosplay event in my neighbourhood. 🙂

So the question for the day is what my trouble spot is/are.

I have two. My stomach and my arms. Although I have to say my arms are a bigger trouble spot because they are also my weakest part of my body. Not so much anymore though because I trained it and I work it out more often so its starting to get better. My stomach… well that is kinda of like a rhetorical thing because we all have problems with our stomach because if we didn’t we wouldn’t be trying to lose weight at all right?

Anyway what is your trouble spot?



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