Dancing For F.D.E. Is Not For The Faint Heart

Dancing For F.D.E. Is Not For The Faint Heart

30 Day Workout Challenge Day 02

Day 2: What are your top 5 workout songs that you listen to?


So I just came back from my 2 hour Dance rehearsal at Future Dance Ensemble and I have to say All those stretches, ponches, splits, and the likes are really not for the faint heart. Also the pirouettes and sashay turns and spins and leaps are not for the faint stomach. It was such a grueling evening of dance.

I managed to snake in my workout for Wednesday during the break time of dance rehearsal. So I’m really exhausted. And the fact I still did an altered version of the workout. Over all I was very glad to have done so much workout today. Im kinda not looking forward to the aches and paind I will feel tomorrow because of the ponches and leg extensions we did today.

As for my answer to the question of the day. My top 5 workout songs to listen to are:

  1. YUI – How Crazy
  2. HxH – Do you Feel What I feel
  3. Lady Gaga – Paparazi
  4. Nana Kitade – Lum No Love Song
  5. ZEDD – Spektrum

I usually have a lot of Jpop and Anime Soundtracks when I do my workouts because I am an Otaku after all.

What about you guys? Which music do you listen to when you work out?



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