Working on a Workout Challenge

Hey everyone! ho are your days coming along?

Well today I finished making the Abs section of a new workout challenge I’m putting together. So far I’ve got the Legs and the abs. All I need are the Arms and flexibility parts then bug BananaCat Productions for the artwork of it and then I should be able to post it before this month ends 😛

Can anyone guess what kinda of workout challenge I’m making? What theme?


Food Log:

Peanut Butter Sandwhich – 300 Calories

Tomato Onion parsely Couscous – 220 Calories

Whole Wheat pasta with Garlic and parsely – 360 Calories

Calories: 880 / 1220
Carbs: 128 / 168
Fats: 31 / 41
Protein: 33 / 46

View todays workout here:

Well I tried my best to log my workouts properly but unfortunately some of the moves I do are not listed on the sites or I may not know the name of it. So sorry about that. I tried to look for the best description there is. Anyway have a great rest of the day everyone!



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