Fitness Motivation | Lunch Craze

Fitness Motivation | Lunch Craze

Hey everyone! Today I just want to post some motivational photos I found on tumblr to get all of us going. Its 2013 and we need to really keep our spirits up and tackle this new year head on and strive for our fitness goals! Who is with me?

Thinspirational Journey, Fitspo blog

Fitspo Gif, Thinspirational Journey, Never forget wht you're doing this

Fitness Motivation, Fitspo, Thinspirational Journey

Fitness Motivation, Fitspo, Thinspirational Journey

Fitspo Motivation, Thinspirational Journey

Just 5 motivational photos. I really have to thanks the fitspo and inspirational community over the web for making all these beautiful images that help inspire us to do better and achieve our goals may it be fitness or other things.

Food Log:

1/2 serving of Mushroom onion Scrambled eggs – 109 Calories

3 Chinese sesame bread with fried eggs – 712 Calories

1 serving of Parmasan Omelet – 162 Calories

Calories: 983/1220
Carbs 42 / 168
Fats: 71 / 41
Protien: 46 / 46

So my lunch intake was a little CRAZZZYYYYYY. But I still went under my target caloric intake which makes me happy. 😛 Although I still over shot the FAT section there. Oh well will still try to do better next time!

Do you have a MYFITNESSPAL account?
This is mine:



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