My Highlights of 2012

Hey everyone I just wanted to start the year right by looking back at what happened in 2012.

My Highlights of 2012

Lara Novales highest weight

Lara Novales lowest weight for 2012 125lbs

  • My Lowest weight achieved is 125lbs.

Lara Novales Bento Making

  • Started making Bento.


  • Went to my first cosplay convention as a cosplayer and not a con-goer.

Lara Novales Vegetarian

  • Became Vegetarian


  • Hiked and Got lost on the Great Wall and Survived. 🙂 (im so glad to be alive really)


  • Lara Novales with Dane Ram and Cameron Lee at the MAster Dance Class at SDT BeijingMet 2 famous dance choreographers (Dane Ram and Cameron Lee).

Lra NOvales lifting weights at the Eclipse Gym Manila

  • LIfted weights and Loved it!
  • Owned the Agility ladder
  • Met  new  friends  in the Gym

Cosplay La Familia Photo Shoot

  • Went on my first cosplay photoshoot and made friends with cosplayers and joined a cosplay group which is the most awesome group ever because they are all so down to earth funny and kind.


  • Gained new friends and fans/readers here online a Thinspirational Journey and I love all of you

These are just a handful of things I clearly remember from my 2012. They are not major achievements like others who ran 50k marathons and such but these small achievements make a world of a difference to my life.

I think acknowledging even the smallest happy moments of 2012 and focusing on those will help us in facing 2013 with our head held up high and motivation like we have never had before!!

What are the awesome events that happened to you in 2012? Care to Share?



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