What is 2013 Motto?

Another year is done. Another roller coaster ride with fitness and weight loss endeavors finished and now its the beginning of a new year and a new beginning for all of us.

So let us welcome 2013 with our new motto

Fit and Lean 2013


This is the goal for 2013! We will all aspire to become FIT and LEAN in this year of 2013! We can all do it!

I have been very busy with holiday stuff and its really hard to make time to blog. But Like always I will make it up to you. Anyway I just wanted to drop by and reassure you that I am still alive.

What is your motto for 2013?



3 thoughts on “What is 2013 Motto?

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  2. losingweightwithparkour

    Hi, I haven’t been on in a long time and so I haven’t had a chance to say this but you are doing so well in your weight loss journey. You are such an inspiration to me and I know that you can complete your goals, I hope that one day I am strong enough. Thank you. x


    1. Lara Neko-Chan Post author

      Hey there!
      Its been a long time as well I hope you are doing okay. 🙂
      Shucks your kind words are making my stomach flutter hahahaha!
      I’m just happy that i can contribute even a little to the world.
      I also have to thank you and the rest of the people who support me through my journey. My progress would have not been possible if it weren’t for you and everyone here.




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