Sadhana Vegetarian Food House

Sadhana Vegetarian Food House

So as you all know by now I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Being a vegetarian in the Philippines can be a hard thing sometimes when you are dining out. But luckily I was able to find a nice Vegetarian place just within my village that is not only inexpensive but also delicious! They do not serve meat at all, but MOCK MEAT! Which is a nice thing once in a while when one starts craving for a bit of meat texture.

These are what I ordered at their place and I will try to compare it to the actual meat counter part.

So first I ordered a Cordon Bleu

Mock meat Cordon Bleu at Sadhana Vegetarian Food house^–This is the vegetarian version of Cordon Bleu –^

Real Meat Chicken Cordon Bleu

^–This is the Real Meat Chicken Cordon Bleu –^ 

next I ordered a filipino dish called Caldereta

Sadhana Vegetarian Food House Caldereta (mock meat)

^–Sadhana Vegetarian Food House Caldereta (mock meat)–^

Real Meat Filipino Caldereta of Beef stew

^–Real Meat Filipino Caldereta of Beef stew –^

And also what is a Filipino meal without rice? So I ordered some fried rice to go with the food.

Vegetarian Fired Rice from Sadhana Vegetarian Food house

Over all I was very happy and very satisfied with my meal and I really recommend this place. Although here is one note. You should ask them not to make the food too salty because it kinda was. So make sure you request that from them unless you want super salty food. 😛 But still to have meat that is not meat is a very nice treat for me. A former meat lover turned Lacto- Ovo vegetarian.

Anyway here is their facebook page. Go Ahead and check them out. And if you live in the Philippines near where I live then its a great place to go and have some healthy eats!

Sadhana Vegetarian Food House

Unit-A, No. 370 El Grande Ave., BF Homes, 1700 Parañaque

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