Fooling Around at the Gym – Big Guys Can be K A W A I I too!

Fooling Around at the Gym – Big Guys Can be K A W A I I too!

This is supposed to be day 10 at Eclipse but I am going to divert the Workout logs and photos to something a little bit more fun. 

Most people have a mind set that going to the gym means that you won’t have a life anymore and things will get boring and what not. This is not TRUE. Not Entirely at least. I used to be intimidated from going to the gym before because of the unfamiliarity and of course because I didn’t know what to do most times and I get scared of the BIG guys working out there. But being a part of the Eclipse Family I learned that working out at the gym is like a nice get together of fitness enthusiasts from different walks of life. 

The people from Eclipse are awesome. I never thought I can make friend with the most adorable big guy ever! And the coaches that I have met so far are so funny and make hillarious remarks even while you are working out that sometimes you forget that you are actually murdering fat and training muscles. 

So most of the people at the gym kinda know that I am into cosplay and often times tease me about it (in a good way). So one that day I decided to take photos of us just having fun and what not. 

Lara Novales with Noel De Guia

^– This is Noel, he is one of my gym Friendsies 😛 he may look scary but the truth is he is a big softee. Loves to listen to Sentimental music while working out. ^-^ But lifts major weights! INSANE

Lara Novales with Noel De Guia

^– Just look at the comparison of our arms. I’m puny compared to him hahahah! Can you see my little teeny bicep? if not then its totally understandable I need to workout more hahaha!

Lara Novales Carameldansen with Noel De Guia at Eclipse 24/7 Fitness center

^—- Because I can’t compete with muscle or strength I just did what I do best. “caramelldansen” Squeeee!!!. Not only that I got the boys to do it too!!! Which boys? Well keep scrolling down and you’ll see.

Eclipse 24/7 Fitness CenterEclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Coaches and gym goers

^— Some of The boys/men of Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center Manila. Well here goes nothing. 

caramelldansen men

^— Yes I got them to caramelldansen while I tried so hard to act all serious. –^

Lara Novales Eclipse Gym

^– But of course I couldn’t stay serious for long! 

So now here is the verdict! Which person did the caramelldansen the best? Leave your answers/votes in the comment box below. 😛 

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